How to Clean a Dab Rig

Posted by Brian on Sep 27th 2021

How to Clean a Dab Rig

It’s time to get rid of grime and gross stains on your banger. Learn how to properly clean your dab rig in just a few simple steps to keep it looking shiny and new.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips on how to clean a dab rig

Who doesn't love to dab globs of hemp concentrates from a nice clean dab rig? A clean rig looks and tastes better, giving you a better smoking experience. And when your friends come over to take a rip they won’t judge you so harshly on that nasty build-up of oils and residue.

Any respectable cannaisseur who invests in a dab rig should always have a clean rig with a nice fresh quartz banger ready to rip. If you bought a nice car, you’d take care of it, right?

Why Should You Clean a Dab Rig Regularly?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains why Should You Clean a Dab Rig Regularly

Beyond just looking good, the cleanliness of that fancy rig you bought makes a difference in how each toke tastes. You bought a rig because hemp concentrates are high class and deliver a much more powerful punch, so why not give that rig some love?

As you delay cleaning your banger between uses, the residue from each gooey drop that evaporates leaves a layer of oil residue on the quartz. Or titanium nail, or whatever it is you're banging out of. This means each hit is going to be contaminated by the last, and that expensive product you bought for the flavonoids and terpenes isn’t giving you the bang for your buck. Your banger should be cleaned between each hit, if not every few, or between different types of distillates.

What Are the Parts of the Dab Rig?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains what the parts of a dab rig are

Dab rigs consist of the mouth piece, downstem, and percolator with separate bangers made of typically quartz, glass, ceramic or titanium “nails” and a carb cap that regulates airflow. A dab tool is used to put the product into the banger once it is heated with a high temperature butane torch.

The banger is the part that gets the dirtiest most quickly because that’s where the goo goes. But the interior chambers can build up oily residue also.

What Do You Need to Clean a Dab Rig?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tells you the tools you need to clean a dab rig

To clean a dab rig is simple and you very likely have the items you need already. Most smokers tend to keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the house for purposes such as these. If you have that, some salt and some q-tips, you're all set.

●Rubbing Alcohol


●Paper Towels


Alternatively to rubbing alcohol and cleaners, a small amount of cooking oil like olive oil can help break up the burnt-on goo as well. Vinegar is also another choice that works just as well. It depends on which smell you want to put up with. You can also use a cleaning solution for bongs and rigs that is premixed and sold in stores and online.

How to Clean Your Rig

Now that you know what you need to get your dab rig clean and new again, take a good rip off of it before you get started.

Step One: Gather All Your Supplies

Have everything ready to go before you start the process because it sucks to have to run all over the house with rubbing alcohol or vinegar dripping from your hands as you search for the Q-Tips you put somewhere.

Step Two: Get To It

Start by taking your rig apart and putting the small pieces in a tupperware container with a lid or into a zip lock baggie. Do this over your paper towels.

Step Three: Rub-a-Dab-Dub

Fill the container with small parts with your cleaning solution of choice and top off the rig itself. Add a tablespoon or so of coarse salt to each and gently rub the salt mixture onto the banger, carb cap, and dab tools. For the rig, cap all open areas and shake vigorously loosening the built up oils.

Step Four: Dry and Enjoy!

Lastly, after you are satisfied with the results, dump the solution down the drain, rinse with fresh water a couple times and let it drip dry or hand dry with paper towels. Then enjoy as you normally do!

Where Can You Get Dab Rig Cleaning Solution?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggestions on where to get bong cleaning solution

If this sounds like too much of a process or maybe you hate the smell of rubbing alcohol or vinegar, you can always get a 420 friendly cleaning solution from a headshop or online smokeshop. These solutions are easy to use and don’t require the mixing and spilling of salt with other stuff and you can get bong cleaners that are non-toxic and smell good, too.

Dab rig cleaning solutions make a great gift for the smoker in your life who is hard to shop for, too. Treat yourself and make one chore on your long list easier. Don’t let that nice dab rig get so dirty next time! Pick up new glass or silicone dab rigs from Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop !

If you need a whole entire dab rig kit, but really aren't sure where to start, we recommend watching this dab rig kit video on YouTube to learn about all the dabbing accessories, or you can watch it below!