How to Clean a Quartz Banger

Oct 7th 2021

How to Clean a Quartz Banger

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips on how to clean a quartz banger


Keep your quartz banger crystal-clean so every dab you take is smooth and delicious

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests Keeping your quartz banger crystal-clean so every dab you take is smooth and delicious

You’ve been using that dab rig daily and now it’s time to clean it. Not just because it’s getting a little gross and sticky, but because a clean dab rig means delicious rips off your rig every time. And who doesn’t like a nice clean rip off a dab rig?

No one wants to waste their time trying to get built up goo off their banger though. Especially quartz bangers that need to be treated a little differently than steel nails.

What is a Quartz Banger?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains what a quartz banger is

A nail or banger is the part of a dab rig that gets heated to a point that any concentrated hemp product in it gets vaporized for inhalation. Bangers made from quartz are great for authentically flavored hits. And since quartz is non-toxic it doesn't release any harmful chemicals when heated like some other materials used in dab tools and bangers..

A titanium nail is toxin free as well but some poor quality metals and ceramics can release harmful chemicals when heated to high temperatures. This makes glass and quartz bangers a good choice.

Dabbing is growing in popularity and you can sometimes find dab tools at gas stations. But if you want a good quartz banger you should go to a reputable smoke shop or browse an online headshop so you can take your pick from a wide selection of quality dab doodads instead of the one choice allowed for people who buy them from the corner store.

Why Should You Keep Your Banger Clean?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains why you should keep your dabbing banger clean

If you’re shelling out the dough for a cool dab rig with quartz banger and vaping high quality CBD concentrates, then you want to do it right and keep the banger clean between uses. Keeping your dab rig clean makes it much easier to handle than when it’s all sticky with resins or run away oils.

Not only that, but after a while all those products you’ve puffed out of it start to blend together in an indistinguishable goo of spent distillate residue and every toke starts tasting gross. Why do that to yourself?

What Do You Need to Clean a Quartz Banger?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop's list of tools you need to clean your quartz banger

Cleaning a banger isn’t hard and doesn’t take that long to do either. If you keep up on the maintenance of your rig, this will not be the chore it doesn’t have to be. But whatever you do, DO NOT scrape your quartz banger with a steel dab tool like you would with a titanium nail. This can scratch the quartz and leave it susceptible to cracking, or it could break it entirely.

All the basics you need to clean a quartz banger are:


●Rubbing Alcohol

●Paper Towel

You can also use olive oil in place of the rubbing alcohol if you don’t have any, but it will probably take a few more swipes with the Q-Tip to get it off.

If you don’t have the stuff you need to clean your dab rig at home already, then you can get special solutions to clean a bong or banger from head shops or online smoke shops like Atomic Blaze. These premixed solutions make it convenient and easy to clean your dab rig or banger just remember to order more before you run out.

Before you even get started on cleaning the banger by hand, know that dabbing at the right temperature will make a huge difference in how often you have to clean your nail. Dabbing at too high of a heat setting can cause your product to burn stains into your banger.

How to Clean Your Quartz Banger

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives you the steps to clean your quartz banger

With those key points in mind, keeping your quartz banger and dab rig looking good is easier than ever. And in just a few steps your quartz banger will look like new. Here’s How to Properly Clean a Quartz Banger with ease:

Step One:

Gather your supplies. You'll need Q-Tips, rubbing alcohol and some paper towels to clean any spills.

Step Two:

Dip the Q-Tip quickly in rubbing alcohol and gently swap the inside of the banger. Repeat as necessary until the residue is removed.

Step Three:

Wipe away any excess rubbing alcohol with the paper towel or use a torch to burn off the excess alcohol before using it again.

Now your quartz banger is clean and it barely took any effort to get it back to good again. Do this between hits and your quartz banger will last a long time. Even better, your hits will be clean, smooth and flavorful. Get new quartz bangers at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop.