How to Clean Your Dabbing Accessories

Oct 11th 2021

How to Clean Your Dabbing Accessories

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives tips on how to clean your dabbing accessories

Dirty dab tools getting you down? Got sticky buildup on your banger? Clean your dabbing accessories often for the best rips off your rig.


If you have a dab rig and accessories like dab tools or a carb cap then you know how quickly residue can build up with each use. Don’t let your dab tools get so dirty that you can’t tell the difference between one hit and the next.

It may not be a priority for you but keeping your dab rig and tools clean, they’ll last longer, look better, and each hit you take will taste delicious, clean, and authentic. Each dab should taste like the high quality oil you are vaping and not some concoction of concentrated residue.

What Do You Need to Clean Dabbing Accessories?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests using alcohol, water, vinegar and salt to clean your dab tools

The best at-home solution for cleaning dabbing accessories is a coarse salt and rubbing alcohol mixture. You can substitute the alcohol with vinegar if you want, or you can also use dried rice instead of salt.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests using qtips to clean your dab tools

You’ll also want several Q-Tips or cotton swabs for absorbing residues and for getting into those tiny crevices, twists and turns. Paper towels are handy for any spills or drying the parts of a dab rig. Keep in mind, some people find it easier to clean their dab accessories while they are still warm from use, or by heating them slightly before cleaning.

If you don’t keep rubbing alcohol or vinegar in the house, you can also buy a 420 friendly cleaning solution at your local smoke shop or buy dab cleaners from an online headshop. They’ll get the job done without having to mix solutions of your own at home.

How To Clean a Quartz Banger

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives tips on cleaning your quartz banger

Keep Your Quartz Banger Clean and looking like new. Learning how to clean a quartz banger is quick and simple, with two different methods; swabbing or soaking. You’ll only need Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol to try either.

With the swabbing method, you keep some Q-Tips handy and swab the inside of the banger after each rip while it is still warm. This soaks up any oils or burned on residue, though with the right temperature torch there should be very little pooling up.

Soaking your quartz banger is a better method if you don’t want to be bothered between each toke, or if you need to clean a really dirty banger. As it sounds, just soak the banger in rubbing alcohol for a few hours, or overnight, then wipe clean and rinse off.

How To Clean a Titanium Nail

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips for cleaning a titanium nail

How to clean a dab nail is pretty much the same. You’ll need rubbing alcohol or vinegar and a means to soak the nail; either in a small ziplock baggie or a tupperware container. Simply soak your nail in the cleaner of your choice until the residue easily comes off when you wipe it with a cotton swab or paper towel. Then rinse and enjoy.

You might have to repeat the soaking part depending on how long it’s been since you cleaned your dab nail. If there are tough, caked on areas, dip an alcohol-soaked Q-tip in coarse salt and rub away at the bad spots.

How to Clean Carb Caps

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips for cleaning a carb cap

Carb caps are an awesome dab tool. If you aren’t using one now, you should go buy a carb cap today. They regulate the airflow of your dab rig when you take a rip so they maximize your product and give you a better dabbing experience.

Clean a carb cap with the same supplies you need to clean your rig. A bunch of cotton swabs or Q-Tips, paper towels for the mess, rubbing alcohol or vinegar and a container to soak it in. Let the carb cap soak for a little bit until it seems as though the cotton swab or paper towel will easily wipe the residue off of it. Use your salty Q-Tip to attack stuck on stains and oils.

How To Clean Dab Tools

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips for cleaning your dab tools

Clean dab tools easily by making sure to wipe them off with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, olive oil or coconut oil between uses. Or at least once a day. Gooey hemp concentrate is oil soluble so a little coconut oil on a tissue goes a long way in cleaning a dab tool.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop tips for cleaning your dab tools with coconut oil

You can also use the rubbing alcohol or vinegar methods but since tools are used so often it makes it easier to just keep a lightly oiled tissue or paper towel handy to quickly wipe your tool. You can also just toss them in with your carb cap or banger when those are soaking.

No matter what, make sure you get the best dab rips with clean dab accessories! You bought the rig and tools. Make them last and treat them right. Get a set of dab tools and dab rigs at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop