How to Convert Your Bong into a Dab Rig

Aug 24th 2021

How to Convert Your Bong into a Dab Rig

When you want to do a dab but don’t have a dab rig, don’t despair! You can easily convert your favorite bong into a CBD concentrate oil rig with just a few simple modifications and then it’s ready for a big fat CBD dab.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop shows you how to convert your bong into a dab rig

Dabbing CBD concentrates is becoming one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis aside from the age old tried and true method of smoking a joint. If you're curious about dabbing but only have a bong or want to try it out before buying a dab rig of your own, you can easily convert your favorite bubbler into a dab rig.

A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains what you need to convert your bong to a dab rig

Dabbing is awesome because it takes very little gooey product to attain the effects that smoking or other forms of consuming our favorite commodity gives us. These hemp concentrates are a very potent form of the cannabis plant that, through various extraction methods, isolates the desired compounds in the plant like CBD, terpenes and flavonoids, to come up with a powerful product that creates an intense and immediate effect.

In order to turn your bong into a dab rig, you’ll need a few items you can pick up at your local head shop or you can order from an online smoke shop and have them delivered to your door. Dabbing from a bong will work like a dab rig essentially the same way it functions like a water bubbler, but you’ll have to swap out the bowl for a quartz banger to get started.

Here Is What You Need to Dab From Your Bong

●Quartz Banger or Nail

●Butane Torch

●Carb Cap

●Dab Tool

●A Bong!

Bang for Your Bong


A quartz banger for a bong is necessary for this to work, since the hemp concentrates need to evaporate off the surface material to create the thick vapor you want to inhale. You can use a steel dab nail, but those have a tendency to leave a strange taste in your mouth. A quartz banger provides a cleaner and truer tasting vapor.

There are basic quartz bangers that are very simple but work just as well as fancy bangers with air flow vents. You can even get a double banger to share tokes with your favorite person. They come in various sizes. The style is up to you.

Tools of the Dab Trade

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests use of a dab nail

You’ll also need a dab tool to vape CBD concentrates from your bong. There are several to choose from and made of several kinds of materials, though some are better for certain kinds of hemp concentrates than others. The quartz banger or nail will be red hot so you need a safe glass dab tool to avoid burning your fingers.

If you are dabbing a very gooey product like waxes, budders, distillates or something difficult to handle, try a dab tool with a paddle end or a glass dab tool that is easy to clean. If you are using crumble, tweezers to drop a piece into the banger may be a good option.

Carb Caps

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests using a carb cap with your bong to dab rig conversion

Don’t forget your carb cap! If you’re used to smoking from a glass pipe or using a bong, then you know the importance of using a carb. The carb caps for dabbing serve the same function as your carb hole on a pipe or the slide mechanism that lifts the bowl from your bong to clear the smoke.

Use a carb cap to maximize the vaporization of your CBD concentrate and to save every bit of tasty vapor that is created under heat. This way you save money on vaping by enjoying every little bit of your product rather than let it burn away unfettered. Carb caps sometimes have a dab tool built in.

Cool Torches

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has cool torches to light your bong to dab rig conversion

Speaking of burning, you’ll need a high quality torch for dabbing with a quartz banger from your bong. A regular lighter won’t cut it, as the fuel used in standard lighters don’t burn at a high enough temperature to make the hemp concentrates evaporate.

You need a butane torch for dabbing. A small torch or a large butane torch will both get the job done. Small torches are great for traveling with, and tabletop torches are great for parties and they don’t have to be refilled as often.

You’ll want a butane torch, and if you plan to do a lot of dabbing, get a torch that is refillable. Get yourself a cool butane torch to dab with or you’ll be disappointed with your results. An inexpensive torch can be found at any head shop, online or even in cooking sections of your local box stores. After you dab you can flambé desserts with it!

However you decide to dab there are endless options for dab rigs, glass bubblers, quartz bangers, carb caps and dab tools. All you have to do is check out some online smoke shops to see what’s out there. Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has all your dabbing supplies!