Learn Everything About Nectar Collectors

Aug 28th 2021

Learn Everything About Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors are great for vaping CBD concentrates and easy to use. If you are new to using nectar collectors, learn everything about them here.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop wants you to learn about nectar collectors

If you are new to nectar collectors, they may seem complicated but they are actually pretty easy to use. Just like most things, once you find out how they work and how to use them, nectar collectors might be your favorite way to dab.

What the Heck Is a Nectar Collector??

A nectar collector is a tube-like contraption that gets heated with a butane torch on one end and has the mouthpiece on the other allowing that sweet, gooey, honey-colored hemp flower concentrate to be vaped up and enjoyed. If you can sip through a straw, you can use a nectar collector. They are an easy way to dab without a big, complicated dab rig.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop discusses what a nectar collector is

These relatively new vaping devices are usually made of glass or silicone, with a heating tip also made from glass; or titanium, quartz and ceramic can be used. They look kind of funny but they are really easy to use. Aside from that, the great thing about nectar collectors is they are very portable due to their size and how they are assembled.

Why Use a Nectar Collector?

Dabbing is awesome and nectar collectors make it even easier, more portable, and less wasteful of your valuable waxes and oils. Their small size makes it very easy to quickly and safely conceal in a purse or backpack. You can take them anywhere, and the ease of use also means minimal accessories to buy.

Since the heated nail end, or the “collector” part is in direct contact with the CBD concentrate itself, you don’t necessarily need other dab tools. You can assemble the nectar collector and dab away without transferring it to a separate dab dish, unless you really, really want to.

How Do You Use a Nectar Collector?

If you’re wondering how to use a nectar collector, you’re not alone. Many people are new to dabbing and we all need to start somewhere. In a couple easy steps you’ll have the hang of it in no time. You are also in total control of how much wax, budder or oil you vape so you can start slow and see how it goes.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains how to use a nectar collector

Step One: Some Assembly May Be Required

But not much! Usually a nectar collector will have two pieces; a mouthpiece and the nail end that gets heated and comes in contact with the gooey goodness. Put the two together and you’re all set!

Some fancy nectar collectors have additional chambers, you can get mini nectar collectors, travel nectar collector kits. It’s up to you what style you want, but if you’re new to them, just start with something simple. They all end up doing the same thing.

Step Two: Just Add Heat

Now that you’re ready to vape, put your CBD concentrate in a silicone or glass dab dish if you want to keep an eye on how much you’re burning through and set it aside. Alternately, you can vape directly from most dab jars that the wax or oil comes in. Heat the nail end of the nectar collector with a butane torch until you see it become red hot.

Step Three: A Little Dab’ll Do

Now bring the nectar collector to your mouth and inhale as you gently and repeatedly tap the CBD concentrate in its little dish. Continue to move the hot nail around the CBD concentrate until it is all vaporized. Hold it, and exhale.

It’s really as simple as One, Two, Three so there’s no reason not to try it if vaping with a nectar collector is something you’re been thinking about. It is one of the easiest ways to dab without a dab rig as long as you have a torch to heat it.

What Do You Need to Vape With a Nectar Collector?

That brings us to our next concern. What do you need to dab with a nectar collector? There are just a couple Dabbing Tools you might want to consider in order to start vaping with one.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has all the tools you need to go with your nectar collector

Butane Torch

You’ll need a nice high temperature butane torch. A regular lighter is not going to get the nail hot enough to vaporize the CBD concentrate. There are refillable butane torches in all sizes so you don’t have to constantly replace them either. Just don’t let your friends pocket it.

Dab Tools

You’ll want to get something to scoop your concentrate and put it into a dab dish if you want to moderate how much CBD concentrate you’re going through. Don’t waste your time with a bent paper clip. Just get a nice glass or titanium dab tool with dual end so you can easily work with your product.

Where Can You Buy Nectar Collectors?

You can buy nectar collectors at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop

As CBD concentrates and vaping becomes more popular, head shops everywhere and online are selling nectar collectors and various other vape pens and dab rigs. A simple online search will bring up lists of online headshops, so take a look and find one with good online reviews. Make sure to check out Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop for deals on nectar collectors.