Learn How to Properly Store Your Stuff

Posted by Richard Blows on Jul 6th 2020

Learn How to Properly Store Your Stuff

Keep it fresh

Most of the time, we talk about smoking our stash, but we on’t really talk about storing it. Yeah, it’s all cool and fun when you come home with a new batch of freshly cured buds, you just can’t wait to have a nice sesh.

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However, can you imagine having that same awesome experience with the same batch months down the road? It’s actually possible, but you have to know how to properly store your stash in order for that to happen.

And no, it’s just not enough to put your stash in a plastic sandwich bag and throw it in your drawer under some clothes.


  • Keep your stash out of direct light
  • Don’t expose your stash to too much oxygen
  • Don’t store your stash in a place with high humidity levels
  • Keep your herbs in a cool place
  • Use an airtight glass container

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You should know that there is no such thing as an expiration date for your herbs, they can last a really long time if aged correctly and stored properly. But to understand how to store your herbs, it’s essential to realize just what it is that will kill your bud’s buzz in the first place.

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So let’s get started by trying to understand what damages your stash over time. Perhaps that will help you gain a fundamental understanding of why certain storage methods are better than others and what would be best for your particular stash and your circumstances.

What Causes Dried Herbs to Get Ruined Overtime


Light is the biggest factor that can lead to the degradation of your herbs. Ultraviolet (UV) light is known to break down many organic or synthetic materials. So, in the same way harmful UV rays will make a car's paint look dull, they will burn up the most valuable compounds in your herbs, cannabinoids and terpenes.

It’s crucial to keep your stash out of the light if you want to enjoy your stash for a long time. Store it in your closet, or a drawer, or wherever you want as long as it won’t receive direct sunlight.


Another important factor in long-term stash storage is the oxygen level. Having too little air can significantly affect the relative humidity, especially if your buds were not entirely dried before storage.

On the other hand, being exposed to too much oxygen will speed up the degradation process. This is why you might find that your herbs dry out and lose potency when you keep them in a sandwich bag.

If you want to reduce exposure to oxygen, make sure that your herbs are stored in an air-tight container. Don’t use large containers if you only store small quantities of herbs because there will be too much air left in the container. Also, we recommend you to limit the amount of time that the container is opened and the number of times it is opened.


The next essential consideration for long-term stash storage is humidity. It’s important to understand that high humidity levels will inevitably lead to mildew and mold growth. The ideal relative humidity levels (RH) is between 50% and 63%. This way you will maintain and enhance color, consistency, aroma, and flavor.

Research has shown that a humidity level above 65% will increase the likelihood of mold growth. In other words, don’t store your stash in the bathroom, for example, where there is a lot of humidity or outside, where sunlight can cause condensation which can create moisture within your container.

Try to find a dark, dry place where you can safely store your stash.


Mildew and other molds thrive in temperatures between 77°F and 86°F. Therefore, basic precautions of keeping your herbs in a cool, dark place will go a long way. The ideal temperature to store your dried herbs is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 21 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures will dry out your herbs and evaporate sensitive terpenes, resulting in hot, harsh smoke and an unpleasant flavor. Lower temperatures are not as problematic, but they slow the process of decarboxylation.

How to properly store your stash

An airtight glass container with a solid seal is your best friend when it comes to cost-effective long-term storage. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy - the jars your grandma used for her pickles are actually one of the best ways to properly store your herbs.

Make sure to choose the right size jar to accommodate your stash.

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Pro Smokers Tip

Don’t be an amateur and store your hard-earned stash in a plastic sandwich baggy. This isn’t the 90’s dirt anymore people. The high quality product you buy today is a delicacy that should be stored in something glass and airtight. If you like cigars, you buy a humidor, don’t you?

Glass mason jars are a popular container of choice for storage because they can be found just about anywhere. When you store your stash in glass, nothing goes in and nothing goes out.

Glass mason jars have so many applications that you can even buy a bong with a mason jar base and a silicone chamber that screws into it!

Your herbs will stay just as good as the day you put them in the jar until you expose them to oxygen again. Another great thing is that glass doesn’t produce any scent so you will not be introducing various odors to your herbs.

There are smoke pipes for sale that even come with a little secret stash compartment. You can buy a silicone smoke pipe with a stash container and a little packing tool.

Enjoy it!

Well, now you know how to store your stash. Proper storage is so important because it keeps your bud fresh and tasty for many months to come.

However, for an awesome experience, besides a good stash, you also need buy high-quality smoking accessories.

Happy smoking!