Never Worry About Roaches Again (w/Video)

Posted by Richard Blows on Jul 15th 2020

Never Worry About Roaches Again (w/Video)

We all love our potent joints and everything they bring to a smoke sesh. But, when they’re over with and we’re left with nothing but a bit of burnt herb, what’s next?

When we talk about “joint roaches,” we’re referring to the butt of the joint that’s leftover when it’s all said and done. Often, there’s a bit of charred, resinated bud still in the joint, we just can’t smoke it as is, because of how little it has gotten.

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What’s the Problem?

We don’t want to be burning our fingers or beautiful lips for just a few hits of some flower, so we put out the joint, and call it good. The joint roach is then left to be thrown away, with some perfectly-good herb with it.

For joint lovers, roaches can accumulate quickly, creating quite a mess within your ashtray. So, then, the question begs to be asked:

What Do You Do with Roaches?

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Surprisingly, there are quite a few things you can do with your joint roaches. It just depends on what you have around your house (or what you’re willing to buy) and how you want to enjoy the last bit of your joint. We’ve discussed some of our favorite options down below.

Avoid the Problem All Together with Filter Tips

The best way to deal with roaches is to not deal with them at all. When you buy a quality filter tip for joints, you can smoke your entire joint, blunt, hemp wrap or whatever your preferences are, all the way to the end.

Filter tips keep your fingers and lips from getting burnt. Smoke your stash all the way to the end of a joint with a reusable glass filter tip. The tips kind of act like roach clips without ever needing the clip.

Most packs of rolling papers for sale these days, come with hemp filter tips. You can also buy filter tip packs. These standalone packs of tips are very biodegradable too. So, if you are still smoking joints the old-fashioned way, then join the modern century with a tip.

Pro Smoker's Tip

Practice a few times with a small amount of your stash, before trying to spin up a bigger one. Expect that the first few times you try to use a filter tip, it's going to be ugly, but be patient! 

Roach Clips

Roach clips are popular accessories that people utilize to help you smoke the rest of your joint without burning your fingertips or dropping it into your lap. For around-the-house tools, you can turn to a paperclip to serve as a roach clip.

For this, all you need to do is unfold the paper clip and carefully insert one end of the clip into the mouthpiece of your joint from the side. This way, you can still put your lips up to the roach, but you don’t have to touch it directly. Using the paper clip, you’ll finish every last bit of flower inside and you can throw away your filter guilt-free.

Other roach clips can be made similarly, using objects like ID badge clips to hold onto the filter of your joint. But, if you do use these, make sure you don’t need it for work the next day. (It will probably be a little smelly.)

Roach Bowls, Blunts, and Bubblers

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If you don’t feel like MacGyvering a paperclip to hold your roach, you don’t have to. You also have the chance of adding your roaches to your glass smoke pipes, blunts, and even certain types of bubblers made for joint-smoking.

Roach Glass Pipe Bowl

For a roach bowl, you can stick your roach, herb side up, into the middle of your bowl piece. Then, pack some of your fresh stash around it, and light the tip of your roach like you would regularly. As you begin to inhale, you’ll be able to enjoy the last bits of your joint while also savoring the fresh flower packed around it.

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Inhale gently for this, otherwise, you may pull the roach all the way through, and you don’t want a burnt roach floating in your bong water. If you don’t have fresh flower, you can still smoke the rest of the roach without it, just be more careful when sticking it in the bowl.

Blunts/Hemp Wraps

For those of you who have accumulated a significant amount of roaches, you may have enough dried herb to craft your own joint or blunt. By unwrapping your roach carefully and salvaging the leftover herb, you can transfer it to a new wrap and enjoy an entire blunt made out of roaches. While it may not taste the best, it will definitely give you the relaxation you’re looking for.

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Water Bongs and Bubblers

Out of all of these, blunt bubblers are the ideal option for finishing off your joint completely. These special glass water pipes are made specifically for blunts and joints, as they have a component crafted to fit your wrap of choice.

All you do is place your joint or blunt into the appropriate side on the glass pipe and put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Light the joint or blunt like you would normally, and inhale. As you inhale, you’ll see the large chamber fill with smoke right before it hits your lungs--all without your lips even coming close.

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Some special blunt bubblers even come with a finger carb for better control of your airflow. In our opinion, this is the best way to fully enjoy your smokes.

Hold onto Roaches!

While it might seem strange, holding on to your joint roaches can actually be beneficial for you and your smoke sessions. The next time you’ve found yourself totally out of flower but was ready for a sesh, try getting creative with your joint roaches.

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With so many different ways to break them down, hold them without worry, and enjoy them to the very last hit. You’re bound to find a way to finish off your joint roaches smoothly.

Though it’s not going to be the most delicious smoke session of your life, utilizing your leftover joint roaches is something that every guilt-free, no-waste smoker should do.

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