Pros vs Cons: How to Choose a Bong

Aug 16th 2021

Pros vs Cons: How to Choose a Bong

There are so many different kinds of bongs and bubblers to choose from but knowing the pros and cons of each will help you decide which bong is best for you.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop discusses the pros and cons when choosing a bong

Choosing the right bong can be a hard decision. Between the materials they are made from, the sizes they come in, and the complexity of them, there are several factors to consider before you buy a bong from your local head shop.

Why Use a Bong?

Water pipes, bubblers, bongs. Whatever you call them, people love them and for good reasons. There are so many benefits to smoking from a bong rather than using rolling papers or a bowl. The powerful hits can be enough to couch lock an elephant, and the water filtration method cools and purifies the smoke for a better smoking experience.

Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons of using a bong. Aside from the effectiveness and cooling aspects, smoking from a bong can help save you money on your product if each hit is packing a better bunch. They’re also pretty easy to clean.

Great Reasons to Get a Bong:

●Multiple Shapes and Sizes

●Any Color You Want

●Cool Glass Designs

●Silicone Bongs That Won’t Break

As far a size, you can get a plastic mini bong to take with you anywhere or you can buy a gigantic towering tube of bubbly bong goodness that takes a team to toke from. The spectrum of colors for bongs is endless. They come clear to solid black and everything in between.

The downside to smoking from a bong is not that bad. Aside from having to fill with water and change the water in your bong regularly, that’s pretty much it. Discretion may be an issue to some, but they make small bongs and silicone ones that are easy to hide and very durable in case you need to quickly chuck it out the window before the wrong eyes see it.

What Kinds of Bongs Are There?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop discusses the different kinds of bongs

Smoke Shops that carry bongs will have dozens to choose from. Often you can find intricate detailed glass bubblers made by local glass blowers, but if you want a cheap glass bong they sell those, too. They are available at any price point, and if you spent all your money on a bag and need something fun to smoke from, you can always make your own gravity bong at home.

If you like high tech gadgets, check out some awesome bubblers that have honeycomb turbines and multiple chambers. Don’t forget to grab a quartz banger and dab tools so you can convert your new bong into a dab rig, too.

Different Types of Bongs:

●Glass Bongs

●Plastic Bongs

●Silicone Bongs

●Beaker Shaped Bongs

●Bongs With Percolators

●Bongs With Honeycomb Filters

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Bong

You might want to rush right out and get the first cool bubbler that catches your eye, but make sure you get one that you’ll use frequently and will fit into your lifestyle. If you have cats or a happy dog with a wagging tail, maybe stick with a bong that is plastic or silicone so if it gets knocked over it won’t break.

Glass bongs are beautiful and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some have a carb and others have a slide mechanism that allows you to clear the chamber of smoke. Bongs will have a bowl to pack your dried flower into, though you may prefer one that is larger or smaller than the one that it comes with.

Make sure the bong is the right size. Will it fit into your favorite stash box? Does it easily hide behind the sofa? Does it double as a vase when your mom visits?

What Do You Need to Smoke a Bong?

Besides your product and a good set of lungs, the only thing you need to smoke a bong is a lighter, water, and the bong of your choice.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop lets you know what you need and how to smoke herb from a bong

Steps to Smoke a Bong:

●Step One:

Fill the bong with water, enough to cover the stem of the bowl that sticks into the chamber

●Step Two:

Pack the bowl with your dried flower

●Step Three:

Put the lighter to the bowl and light, inhaling as it creates smoke.

●Step Four:

Release the flame and inhale until the bong is full of smoke

●Step Five:

Release the carb or pull out the slide to inhale the rest of the smoke

How to Clean a Bong

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop discusses how to properly clean a bong

One you’ve picked out a bong you have to put very minimal work into maintaining it. It’s as simple as filling it with alcohol and coarse salt and shaking it around to loosen the caked up resin that sticks to the inside.

There are other ways to clean a bong, like with vinegar instead of alcohol, or substitute dry uncooked rice for the coarse salt. You can make it a little easier on yourself and get a bottle brush to reach deep into the bong, or make due with a paper towel wrapped around the end of a long wooden spoon. Check out Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop for deals on a wide assortment of bongs.