The 5 Ways to Use Dabbing Tools

Posted by Richard Blows on Jul 9th 2020

The 5 Ways to Use Dabbing Tools

Let’s face it: trying to dab without a dab tool is practically impossible. All it does is make a mess and get your fingers sticky; not to mention, you’re wasting your concentrate and could possibly burn yourself.

But, that’s why there are so many different types of dab tool options for us dabbers to choose from. It’s also why a dab rig bundle with the right tools is important.

One dab tool may not work best for every type of concentrate, so we’re here to give you five quick tips about different types of dab tools, how to use them, and a few tricks to make the whole process so much easier.

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Use a Scoop!

Scooped dab tools make picking up even the toughest concentrate as simple as grabbing a pinch of dry herbs. Scoops look just like they sound: dab tools that have a scooped end to pick up the concentrate of your choice. It works just like a miniature spoon would, but it’s small enough to reach inside the crevices of your concentrate containers.

With this type of tool, you can scrape off every last bit of your concentrate with ease, and absolutely nothing goes to waste when you’re done. Plus, the way that the tool is shaped makes it easy for you to dump your concentrate right into your rig when it’s time; you don’t have to worry about your dab falling off or even sticking to the tool.

Instead, with a simple tap of the scoop, your perfect glob of concentrates makes it into your banger every time.

Utilize the Cap

When you purchase some concentrates from your favorite smoke shop, they typically come in handy-dandy silicone containers. Don’t throw these guys away! The containers themselves are perfect for storing concentrates of any type, as well as kief or small nugs. The caps, on the other hand, can actually be utilized for dabbing.

Scoop out a dab from your container using your dab tool, and let it rest on your silicone cap as the rig heats up. After you take your dab, you can then utilize the cap as a carb cap!

You don’t need any fancy titanium cover or borosilicate glass pendant to cover your banger; instead, all you need is a simple, bendable cap to get the job done. If you’re an avid concentrate lover, you’ll have no issue finding a couple of these hanging around your house.

Pro Smokers Tip

Get yourself a convertible dab rig! I know, I know, once you start to dab, its tough to go back to your traditional stash. But, you just never know! A rig that converts into a bong is a great value and simply takes swapping out the banger for the glass bowl. It's that easy!

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If you get a convertible dab rig with a torch, that means you can easily transfrom it into a glass bong.

Try a Glass Dab Tool

Glass dab tools are some of the prettiest (and most delicate) dab tools you can utilize. Each one is crafted more beautifully than the next, and they’re available in so many different styles and colors. Even though they’re gorgeous, they’re also incredibly functional for various types of concentrates.

If your concentrate is more viscous or compact, compared to thin and delicate, glass dab tools can easily pick up what you need to enjoy your dab. Plus, these tools make ideal carb caps if their other end is large enough.

This way, you have a stunning dab tool and carb cap all in one, and you don’t have to worry about grabbing new tools in the middle of a huge dab. Just be careful with these guys! As we mentioned, they’re quite a bit more delicate than other dab tools, so handle them with care whenever possible.

For the Stubborn Stuff, Try a Blade

No, we don’t mean an actual razor blade. Blades, or paddles, are intricate dab tools that come with a slight scoop and sharp edge to collect every bit of concentrate you have. No matter how stubborn, sticky, or tough your concentrates are, blades or paddles can tackle them all.

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If you don’t want a tool that’s entirely a scoop, nor something that’s entirely straight, blade dab tools are the perfect middle ground. Easy to use, not super delicate, and ideal for almost all types of concentrates, you can easily find one of the balanced dab tools in an Atomic Blaze dab rig bundle with torch.

Be Patient!

No matter what dab tool you have, the best advice to always give is to be patient with your concentrate. We know, it sounds ridiculous, but the tougher you act with it, the tougher it will be to handle. Take your time to carefully (and gently) collect your dab, ensuring not to get frustrated through the process.

Do keep in mind that each type of concentrate is going to produce a different texture and consistency, so one tool may not be able to work with all of your products. For best experiences, try having a variety of different dab tools on hand; this way, you’ll be able to properly handle your concentrates, regardless of what type they are.

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We didn’t mention how important buying a dab torch is for an optimal experience. But, they are critical to get the banger hot enough. But, torches are serious lighters. If you aren’t patient with them, then your session could go terribly awry.

Dabs come in consistencies that aren’t going to be easy to work with every single time. But, that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to enjoy. With the right tool, full respect, and just a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to fully relish in all that concentrates have to offer.