The Best Kept Secrets About Dabs

Posted by Richard Blows on Aug 13th 2020

The Best Kept Secrets About Dabs

People that smoke dab concentrates, swear by it. For many of them, there is no going back to joints or smoking a bowl. A lot of enthusiasts want to try concentrates but often feel intimidated by dab rigs. There are a few extra steps and a special torch lighter is required!

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While dabbing is a bit more complicated than taking a puff from a joint, it isn’t nearly as tough as you think. In fact, the world of dabs is full of well-kept secrets that make dabbing easier, more interesting, and just as discreet as you need it to be. No longer do dabs have to feel daunting; instead, you can have a little bit of fun.

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You Don’t Even Need a Rig!

This is a little insane and honestly, wasteful, but you can smoke concentrates without a rig or any sort of pipe. You could torch the blade of a knife until it is blazing red hot and drop a glob of concentrate on it.

Obviously, do not get close enough to burn yourself, but you’ll want to be close enough to the concentrate that you’ll be able to inhale the vapor as soon as it burns. As soon as it vaporizes, start inhaling deeply, and you’re enjoying your dab without a rig.

You can also complete similar tasks using an iron, just keep in mind that you’ll have to clean it pretty seriously if you want to use it to, you know, actually iron your clothes.

You Can Buy a Dab Rig Kit to Save Money

One of the challenges that hold smokers back from smoking concentrates is all the equipment required to dab safely. They see the dab rig, the banger nail, the silicone concentrate container, the stainless steel dab tools, the Edge torch lighter and just think it's all too much

Well, like anything else worth anything, a little extra effort is required. If the concern is the cost of buying all the gear, then buy in bulk. You can buy a dab rig kit with torch from Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop, so you can save money. All the tools required will be provided to you and so there won't be any head scratching over whether you got everything you need either.

You Can Make Edibles with Concentrates

In the event that you don’t want to dirty your knives or iron, you can easily make some delicious edibles with your unused concentrates. Edibles that are made with concentrates are some of the most potent infused baked goods out there, so make sure to be extra careful when dosing. A little goes a long way.

There are thousands of delicious concentrate-made edible recipes for you to try, but the most basic is infusing a bit into your butter or oil, as these ingredients are added into almost every treat or meal.

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When you do this, after your meal is fully digested, you’ll start to experience all of the potency and power that dabs have to offer, even after they’ve been cooked or baked. No rig, torch, or glass required.

You Can Combine Your Dabs with Your Dry Herbs

While it may not be that much of a secret, combining some concentrate with your flower can bring your smoking experience to a new level. If you have a trusty bong or pipe, you can easily sprinkle a little bit of concentrate on top of your bowls and take a totally infused hit that way. After smoking a joint or hemp wrap with concentrate, you might find yourself engaged in some interesting activities.

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Smoking Concentrates with Dry Herbs in a Glass Pipe

When you do this, make sure you’re smoking extra slowly, ensuring that your dab is getting heated the entire time. For the best results, we suggest skipping your regular lighter and going straight to a torch lighter. Your flower is going to get burnt a bit quicker, but it’s the best way for the concentrate to get fully vaporized.

Smoking Concentrates with Dry Herbs in a Hemp Wrap or Joint

You can also do similar things with joints or blunts. You have the option of, again, sprinkling some of your concentrates into your joints mixed in with the herb. Or, you can use a more viscous, malleable concentrate and wrap it around the outside of your rolling paper or blunt wrap.

When you do this, as you burn your joint or blunt, the concentrate burns with it, adding new layers of flavor and intense potency.

Smoking Concentrates with Dry Herbs in a Hemp Wrap or Joint

However, no matter how much concentrate you add in or around your flower, you will not get the same potent result that would if you smoked them from a rig. Combining concentrates with stash is tricky because dabs require significantly stronger heat to be enjoyed correctly. So, when they’re together, you’re either going to burn your flower too quickly or your dab too cooly. But hey, who doesn't love an experiment?

Have You Ever Heard of a Nectar Collector?

Smoking concentrates is not a new, not at all. But, still there is not a whole lot of awareness surrounding this special way to smoke our favorite plant. For instance, have you ever considering buying a nectar collector?

A nectar collector is a special mini dab rig that still helps to prevent you from getting burnt or the smoke being too hot when it enters your lungs. That's why dab rigs tend to be on the large side. They are designed to keep the blazing hot banger nail from your face after you give it a good torch. The smoke squirms through the twisting pipes and filters through water before you inhale to give it a chance to cool down so you still have lungs after you session.

The thing about smoking is that it is all about chilling and being creative. I get why people are reluctant to try dab concentrates, it looks like a serious job. But, there is no denying that concentrates rock! So, make it as simple as you can! Buy a nectar collector online right here! It's the simplest way to experience your concentrates completely.

A portable dab rig like a nectar collector is small, a little more discreet, but still filters the smoke through water and keeps the hot nail far away from you. For a lot of dabbers, after they smoke a nectar collector, there is no going back. They work really well for smoking concentrates and are simply easier to manage.

You Can be Totally Discreet

With a concentrate pen, your dabbing pleasure can be the best-kept secret around. Concentrate pens allow for an air of discretion and accessibility that a typical rig could never. These special pens come with cartridges that are made exclusively for holding and handling concentrates. This means that the mechanisms inside the pen have the proper temperatures and settings to vaporize your concentrate to perfection.

People love vaping concentrates. You can even buy extra discreet vape batteries. There vape pens that look like key fobs or even lipstick containers.

Try it for Yourself!

Now that you’ve been told some of the best-kept secrets about this special way of smoking, it’s time to try it for yourself. Always start with extremely small amounts of concentrates, keeping in mind its high potency. One dab will do you just fine, and, soon, you’ll understand all the hype around these perfect globs of extract.