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Looks like factory seconds to us. To you, it might be your new best friend.

What Do I Get?

It's a crapshoot. You could get one of a variety of different glass chillums, pipes, bongs or bubblers in our factory seconds section.

Our Favorite Features

Why Are They Factory Seconds?

We sell wholesale to a couple of big dispensary groups and they are incredibly picky with their glass. These beautiful glass pieces still work and work incredibly well.

What Can I Expect from a Factory Second?

Even though they don't pass the dispensary test, they are great pieces. We inspect every piece even more thoroughly to stress-test the glass before sending it out to you.

Potential Defects:

  • misshapen with no effect on performance
  • small fractures in non-critical areas
  • blemishes and burn marks from glass finishing tools
  • extra glass residue from blowing process
  • unused returned items, unsellable as new
  • misprinted metal rolling trays

How Much is Shipping?

You pay the shipping based on the actual product weight and number of items you want.


  • A glass pipe that has some imperfection which does not pass the test for dispensary displays
  • A rolling tray that has a misprint
  • The pipes still maintains the integrity of the smoke pipe, so that in our experienced opinion, it is very functional pipe.

What's Included

Could be any of the following of varying sizes.

  • Glass Hand Pipe
  • Glass Chillum
  • Glass Bong
  • Rolling Tray



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    Factory seconds

    Posted by Stan martinez on Jun 17th 2020

    Love them there great great deals keep them coming love atomic blaze thank you