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This Bong Rips.

This 5" mini bong may be small in stature, but this small glass bong is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

This little bong is perfect for everyone from the novice to the experienced smoker.

Don’t let its size fool you because it’s true what they say, big things come in small packages.

Available in a variety of colors, this small water bong delivers a wallop of a hit, with no need to pull the slide.

For your comparison, this tiny bong produces a sizeable volume of smoke akin to taking a massive hit of a glass bubbler.

More About This Mini Bong

This small bong features eye catching colors, a glossy finish, and huge bowl size.

The unique colors of these cute bongs, makes finding your favorite color a breeze.

If you have been looking for that perfect gift for a stoner girl with pretty nails, the pink bong will light her fire.

This mini bong offers exceptional control and potency right in the palm of your hand. 

Meanwhile, the mini bongs bowl stem holds a nice amount of water and attaches tightly to the chamber, which means there is no need to stress about leaving residue once your session is over. 

The portability of cheap glass bongs this size is the traditional bong experience of controlloing airflow by removing the slide.

There is no carb and the slide is tight, but the built-in downstem and bowl are removable, making this cheap water bong easy to clean and maintain.

Why We Love These Glass Bongs for Sale:

Although they have an extensive and eventful history, for the most part, standard big cool bongs are hardly portable. 

If you like convenience, thanks to its size, you don’t have to struggle fitting a whole large glass bong in your small backpack or purse — which is exactly what makes this an attractive piece. 

It will give you a good grip after every rip, and it features a flared mouthpiece crafted from durable, high-grade borosilicate, offering nothing more than strong resistance against breaking and the accomplishment of powerfully smooth hits, time after time

Just add a little water into the bong so it covers the stem of the bowl and then the world is your oyster.


  • Type: Mini Bong / Water Bubbler Pipe
  • Height: 5 inches 
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 0.49lb (223g)
  • Removable downstem/bowl
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Heat resistant, thick borosilicate glass
  • Wide base for secure support

What's Included

  • (1) 5 inch mini bong in a variety of colors
  • 1 removable glass bowl with stem
  • Fast, Discreet delivery 
  • Secure packaging to make sure your product is delivered safely 
  • A pretty bong that will give a great rip

Some Helpful Water Bong Tips

For people inexperienced with glass bongs, they can be a little confusing.

Smokers are never sure how much water to add to a bong, or even where to add the water to a bong. 

There are also questions about how to clean a bong or how to use a bong. Follow this simple guide to ensure your bong is producing the biggest hits, every time.

How to Use a Bong

Step 1: How to Fill a Bong with Water

Just add enough water through the top of the chamber so that the water level covers the bottom of the downstem extending down from the glass bowl into the base of the small colorful glass bong. 

Step 2: How to Pack the Glass Bowl of a Bong

Make sure to grind it up well and pack it into the big glass bowl. We recommend using a small metal rolling tray and metal grinder for best results.

Step 3: How to Smoke a Bong

Place your mouth inside the mouth piece at the top of the chamber so that your cheeks create a seal. 

Light the bowl with a butane mini torch lighter or a match and inhale. The bong will make a bubbling sound and the chamber will fill with smoke.

Once the chamber is full of smoke, remove the bowl and you will inhale the smoke clearing the chamber.

Step 4: How to Clean a Bong

Once you have finished smoking, scrape the bowl free of ash, empty the bong of water and store the smoke pipe safely. Use a pipe cleaner to get deeper into the downstem to remove stubborn product.

Product Dimensions

┼ Height: 5 inches

┼ Depth: 3 inches

┼ Width: 2 inches

‚îº Weight: 7.84 ozs 


  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Metal


If your smoke pipe arrives broken, take a picture immediately and send it to A replacement will be sent right away, as long it as it complies with our returns and refund policy.
Water pipe
5 inches
Borosilicate Glass
4 ounces (223g)
Removable bowl


  • 5
    Lovely mini bong

    Posted by Ella on Jun 24th 2023

    This thing is small but wow does it pack a PUNCH. The first time I used it, I was blazed off my ass. Also if you’re confused on how to get the piece out, just do little twisty motions as you pull! It’s way smaller than I imagined but totally worth it Omg. The pink is so cute

  • 5
    so cute

    Posted by Naomi on May 9th 2023

    so cute just love it and so easy to use

  • 5
    They are so cute and awesome

    Posted by Naomi on May 5th 2023

    Love them they are so much better then I thought they would be and a bit bigger but that not a problem they are still so cute and work amazingly.

  • 5
    Glass mini bong

    Posted by Kathleen Childers on Mar 27th 2023

    This pipe came fast, which was a surprise. It was wrapped in incredibly strong bubble wrap. I will definitely shop here again. Good prices!

  • 4

    Posted by Brittany Davis on Jul 20th 2022

    Beast little dude does the trick

  • 4
    5" MINI BONG

    Posted by ANTHONY J Delgado on Jul 8th 2022

    I Love the bong BUT!!!... The tint came right off on the mouth piece just cause of cleaning before even my first hit.. (LAME) BUT the glass fits nice in my hand. Downstem and bowl is all one piece so I found that nice. the rubber seal keeps bowl from moving

  • 5
    The whole package and more

    Posted by Timothy Quigg on Mar 5th 2022

    With this company you not only get a quality item at a great price but you get amazing customer service as well. Perfect in my opinion!

  • 5
    One Satisfied Customer

    Posted by Nicole Pierce on Jan 13th 2022

    I have to say. When I first placed my order I was skeptical about the quality. But after receiving a second piece because the first was broken in route, I am beyond happy with this companies product & their amazing service. Will definitely be shopping here again in the future. Thank you for everything. Blaze on..

  • 5
    5” glass bong

    Posted by Azaira Garvin on Dec 7th 2021

    It was a amazing bong I really loved it, broke it In the first day of using it because of my clumsiness but shop guys are super helpful.