Sparkly Dichro Glass Chillums

Atomic Blaze
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If regular glass pipes aren't your thing, buy a sparkle filled dichroic glass chillum from Atomic Blaze. Careful not to  cause unwanted attention by discreetly carrying around what could possibly become your favorite shiny glass one hitter pipe.

A one hitter pipe, also known as a glass chillum, is one of the most discreet portable glass smoke accessories for any smoker. Our online headshop stands by providing high quality dichro glass chillums at lower prices.

How To Use

Step 1: Always Grind it Up.

Grind your product for best performance.

Step 2: Pack Your Glass One Hitter Lightly

Pack lightly the shallow bowl of the dichroic glass chillum by pushing it into your product.

Step 3: How to Clean Your Glass One Hitter Pipe

Clean a one hitter simply by running a pipe cleaner through it.