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Atomic Blaze
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The best thing about dabs is they make you feel like an old timey blacksmith. You’re assembling your tools and lighting a torch and blasting nails with flame! The only difference is that you want to get as much of the smoke in your lungs as possible! 

That’s possible with this epic clear carb cap. If you need a no stem carb cap that is durable, this is the glass piece for you.

Our Favorite Features 

This no stem carb cap helps trap the heat and keep all the goodness in your product from burning away. That way you’ll be forging ahead with your dab sessions as efficiently as possible! Plus, since you’re buying this sturdy little piece from Atomic Blaze, you know it’s affordable on a budget!


  • Glass carb cap
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Length: 31mm
  • No stem
  • Durable 

How To Use

Step 1: Get your dab kit ready.

You’re about to fire up the forge. 

Step 2: Heat your glass quartz banger.

Use a butane torch to fire it up.

Step 3: Load your dab tool

Scoop up some of the good stuff onto your dab tool, place it in the hot bowl of the banger nail and

Step 4: Inhale

Once you have your product in the bowl start to inhale through the mouthpiece.

Step 4: Place the carb cap over your banger.

Continue to inhale. That’s the spirit!