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This cool clear glass bubbler with hypnotic swirl design will be the hit of the smoke sesh when you pull this bad boy out of your bag. At eight inches tall, this mighty little bong packs one powerful punch. Not too big that you can’t take it with you wherever smoking is required, but big enough to get the job done if you can only sneak away for one toke.

Key Features

We love this clear swirl glass waterpipe bubbler for the reliably smooth smoking experience. The large chamber holds tons of smoke so you’re guaranteed to get ripped. With the side carb you can also control how hard of a hit you want to take but we say let this awesome water pipe take you all the way. 

The cool and stylish design will be a conversation piece and the well balanced body is sturdy and durable. A large bowl compartment makes loading it a dream, with plenty of room for multiple puffs. A wide downstem makes cleaning it almost as easy. 


  • 8” High
  • Durable blown glass
  • Cool swirl design
  • Large bowl
  • Side carb
  • Huge smoke chamber
  • Discreet packaging

How To Use 

Step One: Just Add Water

To get the best results, add cold water for a smoother hit to just above the end of the stem that sticks into the chamber.

Step Two: Pack it Up, Pack it In

Using your favorite grinder, grind your product of choice and load as much as you’d like into the bowl cavity of the bong. Don’t pack it too tight or you won’t get a good hit. Too loose and it won’t hit great either. Without getting into the physics of combustion, it takes a balanced combination of surface area and air flow to achieve the perfect hit. 

Step Three: Get Lit

Take your Blink Windproof Torch Lighter and fire up the product in your bowl. At the same time, cover the carb with your finger, place the mouthpiece around your mouth and breath in. Keep inhaling until the chamber fills with smoke. When you have reached the desired amount of smoke in the chamber, release the carb and clear the chamber of smoke with one final inhale.