Colorful Milky Rasta Pipes

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Don’t worry, be happy with this Rasta inspired pipe with a colorful bowl. A few puffs off this puppy and you’ll be singing along to Bob Marley in no time. The huge chamber for packing your product is plenty of room to keep the smoke sesh chugging along. 

Why We Love This Glass Bowl

The super durable blown glass is strong enough to withstand some heavy action, so you can take this glass pipe with you wherever you need to smoke. The beautifully colorful design is captivating and the complimentary colors of the bowl make the swirl of colors even more vibrant. 

This quality glass handpipe is easy to load and hold, with ergonomic bumps to make handling it a breeze. Each hit has ample time to pass through the long body of the bowl to cool the smoke before you inhale, for smooth and mighty hits every time you pack a bowl. The side carb allows you to regulate your hits to suit your needs. 


  • 5 inches long
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful hits
  • Side carburetor for smooth hits
  • Easy to clean
  • Discreet packaging and fast shipping
  • Colorful, quality glass design 

How to Smoke Out of a Rasta Inspired Glass Pipe

Step One: Get Ready

Put on a little Rastafarian music and grab your bowl, lighter, grinder, and favorite smokable product. Grind up your product and put the desired amount into the bowl.

Step Two: Fire Away

Now that your bowl is packed it's time to fire it up. Take your windproof blink lighter in one hand and hold the pipe in the other, with your thumb over the carb. Bring the pipe to your mouth and inhale from the mouthpiece while you light the bowl. 

Step Three: Clear the Way

After you’ve inhaled enough smoke to meet your needs, lift your thumb from the carb to clear the smoke from the bowl. Hold your breath for a moment before exhaling for maximum results.