[BOGO] Dichroic Glass Chillum Pipes

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One hit can be good enough with the right glass chillum pipe. The chillum's ultra-convenient size easily fits into any purse or pocket making them the ideal piece for lighting up anywhere while being discreet.

Dichroic Glass Chillums are quickly becoming the hottest new smoking accessory on the market, but let’s be real, most of them aren’t that nice to look at. If you value aesthetics like we do, then this breathtaking Dichro Bubble Design Chillums on our online headshop are made for you!

The well-crafted dichroic glass will ensure that your dichroic glass chillum won’t break during transport. You can enjoy a worry-free and hassle-free smoke every single time!

Why These Dichro Chillums Are So Unique.

While most glass chillums take on the form of a clear, glass one-hitter, this piece is available in pink and white options. Either one will make you and your piece the talk of the group. Best of all, the dichroic glass one-hitters are high-quality at super affordable prices!


  • Dichroic glass chillum pipe
  • Designed for ultimate portability
  • Available in pink and white
  • Heat resistant and durable glass

What's Included

  • 1 glass dichroic chillum

How to Use

Step 1: How to Load Your Chillum

After grinding it up, pack it lightly into the open end of your chillum pipe. Make sure not to pack too tightly to avoid restricting airflow. 

Step 2: How to Light Your Chillum

Using a lighter or other heating element, light the chillum while holding it as far from your face as possible (but still be able to inhale). 

Step 3: How to Inhale With a Chillum

Inhale slowly and lightly to avoid sucking up any ash or tobacco crumbs, and enjoy!

Step 4: How to Clean Your Chillum

We recommend cleaning your chillum after each use to avoid resin or debris buildup.



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    Posted by John Dvorak on Oct 25th 2023

    Came 2 pipes like described and good quality glass.