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Girls smoke too, so we decided to make a smoking bundle for the girls, but don't take that as we're excluding anyone.

The lady tokers have been forced to smoke out of phallic pipes since the beginning of time as we know it.

Girls Night Will Never Be The Same

Equipped with a bong, cones, glass chillums and more, this bundle provides every tool necessary for smoking with the girls.

Don't worry, this smoking bundle works perfectly for a smoke session with any 5 people who like to politic and share storied about mystics, aliens, and ancient civilaztions while holding the stash. 

What's Included in the Party for 5:

  • Convertible Glass Bong
  • Mary Jane's rolling tray + 4 Atomic Blaze rolling trays
  • 5 Atomic Blaze chillums
  • RAW Cones king size” (3 cones/pack)
  • 1 Neon Blink Torch Lighter
  • 4 Colorful Lighters
  • 1 Air Freshener
  • 1 Hemp Wick
  • 5 Glass Filter Tips

The Host Gets:

  • The convertible fancy glass bong, placed in a central location, 6 feet away from every person.
  • 1 Mary Jane's Brand small metal rolling tray
  • 2 RAW Classic King Size Cones
  • 1 Atomic Blaze One Hitter
  • 1 Neon Blink Lighter
  • 1 Air Freshener
  • 1 Glass Filter Tip
  • 1 Hemp Wick

Each of Your 4 Girls Gets:

  • 1 Atomic Blaze Brand small metal rolling tray
  • 1 Atomic Blaze Chillum
  • 1 RAW Classic Cone
  • 1 Blink Lighter
  • 1 Glass Filter Tip

More About the Smoking Bundle

This Girls Do it Better Bundle from Atomic Blaze comes equipped with everything you could possibly need to make girls night a total success!

Item 1: The convertible bong

Use the convertible glass bong as a dry piece, or use water for added filtration and smoother hits.

Item 2: The Rolling Papers

If rolling is more your thing, then you can easily pack RAW cones or roll one up with the glass filter tips. Enjoy the fun small metal rolling tray and keep your buds from falling away.

Item 3: Glass Chillums

Glass chillums, or one hitters, are convenient glass tube pipes that are meant for a quick, discreet hit. It's real easy to clean a chillum, but lots of people treat them as semi-disposable, so it can be the perfect glass pipe to travel with, and leave behind.

Item 4: Smell Proof Joint Tubes + Lighters + Air Fresheners

This bundle includes five doob tubes, which are smell proof, airtight containers perfect for stuffing in a preroll and headed out. It also comes with a variety of blink lighters and torch lighters.

Since you might be on the run, this bundle comes with lighters and an air an air freshener, so you can leave your area smelling better than when you started!