Girly Pink Glass Pipe Pack

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From flamingos to cotton candy and more, some of the best things in life are pink. For all the pink lovers out there, Atomic Blaze brings you the new Girly Pink Glass Pack. This pink glass pipe bundle was made by the lady smokers in the smokeshop in Sarasota, FL, but it is not just for girls!

If you’re a glass fanatic looking to add great new pieces to your collection at an affordable price, then this pink glass pack is for you! Whether you want to smoke an entire pink glass bowl or just take a hit or two, Atomic Blaze has got you covered. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Little Pink

This pack comes equipped with everything your pink-loving heart desires and then some. With this gift for girl stoners, you’ll receive an expertly-crafted borosilicate pink glass handpipe that measures at a convenient 4.5 inches and has a generously sized bowl. In addition, you’ll be getting not one but TWO glass chillums, perfect for discrete smoking anywhere and anytime.

We’ll also supply you with a handy rolling tray so you can easily keep all your tools organized. The Blink Neon Torch Lighter is both windproof and refillable, so you’ll never be without a flame. And if all that isn’t enough, we’ve even thrown in some air freshener to keep your space smelling amazing!

Jump on this incredible deal, and look for more girly smoking bundles from Atomic Blaze!


  • 7" x 5.5" tray
  • Pump spray air freshener - scent chosen at random
  • Pink torch lighter
  • Clear one-hitter
  • Pink chillum
  • Pink hand pipe

What's Included

  • 1 Atomic Blaze rolling tray
  • 1 3" Pink Pipe
  • 1 3 Inch Pink Chillum
  • 1 Atomic Blaze 3 Inch Chillum
  • 1 Neon torch lighter
  • 1 Blunt Blast Air freshener

How to Use

The best part about this girly glass pipe pack is that it’s easy to use and extremely versatile.

Step 1: Grind up tobacco and dump on the tray

Grind up your tobacco of choice and place it onto your new rolling tray. Be sure to use the rolling tray to avoid losing any loose tobacco and keep your space organized.

Step 2: Load up one of your new glass pipes

Load your product into the pink hand pipe for the ultimate smoke session. In a rush? No worries, just use either one of the glass chillums for a quick and hassle-free hit.

Step 3: Cover up the smell

Finish with a quick spray of your air freshener, and you’re good to go!