14" Glass Bong with Big Chamber

Atomic Blaze
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A heavyweight smoker needs a heavy-duty bong. If you’re draining fat rips on the daily, you don’t want a crafty little bubbler or a precious bowl. No, you need a bong that goes as hard as you do. That’s why this absolute champion of a heavyweight 14” glass bong is the smoke stack you need. 

A rip from this bruiser will put you in the couch. A few more rounds and you could be K.O. Or, if you smoke as strong as this bong, you’ll be feeling like the heroic smoker you are. 

Our Favorite Features 

This is our kind of water pipe. The glass is thick and sturdy. The chamber is huge. The pipe is lengthy. It doesn’t have any frills. When you pack a punch like this piece, you don’t need any. This pipe only delivers hard-hitting rips straight to your dome. 

Plus, for a pipe this reliably constructed, you can’t beat the price at Atomic Blaze. At other headshops, you’d be paying way more for glass of this quality. This bong isn’t for your new smoker. It’s not for your hip aunt who smokes either. 

It’s for getting lifted straight through the roof. 


  • 14” length
  • Joint Size: 19mm female (comes with male bowl)
  • HEAVY glass
  • Large water chamber
  • Generous bowl 

How To Use

Step 1: Pack up the bowl with ground product.

Grip the bong by the pipe and raise it to your lips. 

Step 2: Light the bowl and inhale. 

Get that chamber jammed full of smoke. 

Step 3: Pull the slide and breathe deep!

Clear this beast of a chamber of smoke.