Heavy 13" Big Glass Bong

Atomic Blaze
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Sometimes, you need an absolute smoke cannon to blast you into outer space like a rocket! At 13”, this large bong will have your whole place steamed up like a launch pad. If other bongs are internal combustion engines, this thing is a shuttle engine. Take a few hits from this large water pipe and you’ll be as spaced as an alien in no time! 

Plus, this large bong is made of thick durable glass. It won’t break from regular wear and tear and can take even a serious hit. There are few pieces that dish out bang-for-your-buck like this large water pipe from Atomic Blaze!

Our Favorite Features 

To be honest, we love a gigantic water pipe. It is one of the finest ways to enjoy a session. There is something contemplative, refined, even about taking bubbly hits of good smoke to the dome! 

The size of this water pipe gets us excited for our next session. Its large chamber, lengthy pipe and smooth-pulling slide will keep your hits as smooth as they are giant. You’ll be lit in no time!


  • Giant chamber and pipe
  • Big bowl
  • Sturdy glass
  • 9” length
  • 14mm joint size

Add a quartz bangar to use this with your dab kit.

How To Use

Step 1: Pack up the bowl with ground, dried product.

Lift the pipe to your mouth carefully. This one’s heavy!

Step 2: Torch the bowl with your lighter and inhale.

Rip until the chamber is completely full of smoke. 

Step 3: As you continue to inhale, pull the slide. 

Clear the whole chamber.

Step 4: Hold in the hit, then blow it out!