Mason Jar Glass Carb Cap

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This mason jar carb cap will make your rig feel like a backwoods still! The iconic mason jar design evokes chill vibes. You can be sure that this cool carb cap for your dab rig kit will cook up the milkiest, smoothest rips during any session!

Plus, after a few dabs you’ll feel like you’re in that cabin in the gif below. We’ve been there before. It’s pretty crazy. 

Our Favorite Features 

If you ain’t capping, you ain’t dabbing. Using a carb cap turns the quartz banger on your dab rig into a tiny little dab oven. It lets you control the temperature and alter the air flow for smoother, richer hits of your favorite product. 

Avoid those cheap carb caps they sell under the counter at the gas station and get this charming little glass unit today! Plus, since you’re buying your gear from Atomic Blaze, you know the price is right!


  • Mason jar design
  • Chill vibes
  • Durable carb cap
  • D=24mm
  • L=32mm

How To Use

Step 1: Assemble your dab gear and get stoked!

Throw on your favorite tunes.

Step 2: Scoop a dab of product up with your dab tool.

Get a nice big one!

Step 3: Heat the nail on your rig to your desired temperature.

Be sure to keep the rig steady during this process. 

Step 4: Using the dabber tool, place the dab on the nail.


Step 5: Place the carb cap over your nail and use it to modulate the air flow!

This turns your nail into a miniature oven.