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If you love dabbing but hate lugging around a massive rig and all the necessary gear, then this Mini Nectar Collector Kit from Atomic Blaze in Sarasota, FL may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Nectar collectors are the next big thing in portable paraphernalia and are perfect for vaporizing any type of product.

Made of high-quality glass, this piece provides smooth and heavy hits without affecting flavor. Use this nectar collector as a dry piece, or add water to reduce the harshness of your hits. Either way, this kit is a convenient alternative to the hassle of using a dab rig, and it could be yours today!

Why You’ll Love This Kit!

There are a host of reasons why this nectar collector kit will soon be your go-to accessory for smoking. It’s super portable, so you can vaporize anywhere and anytime (perfect if you love smoking at parties or in groups).

With our self-contained kit, everything you need stays in one place so you never have to worry about losing or forgetting a vital piece. Not only are these collectors extremely easy to use, they’re also a breeze to clean compared to most smoking equipment.


  • Titanium nail
  • 100% Quartz tip
  • Mouthpiece drip tip
  • Water bong glass section
  • Glass dish

What's Included

  • All 5 glass pieces referenced in Specifications
  • 1 nectar collector cast box for transportation

How to Use

Step 1: Prep Your Product For the Mini Nectar

Get your dish ready by removing the lid and placing the dish nearby.

Step 2: How to Heat Your Nectar Collector

Heat the tip of your nectar collector until red hot with a butane dab torch, then let cool for a minute. 

Step 3: How to Take Your First Inhale With the Nectar Collector

Put your mouth on the neck and tap the hot tip in the dish The longer you hold the tip in it, the more vapor you’ll get. 



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