Pink Feather Glass Dabber

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You’ll be floating off on a cloud of good smoke with this pink feather dabber! This dab tool looks like a funky, 21st-century quill pen. The pink feather dabber adds a feminine or a just plain funky feel to any session. 

The sharp point and ample length ensures that the product makes it from container to banger with ease! Plus, since you’re shopping at Atomic Blase you know that the construction on this dab kit tool is sturdy and the price is affordable!

Our Favorite Features 

We love any smoking accessory that brings character to a session. This pink feather dabber has personality in spades. It’s creative, functional and is guaranteed to start deep conversations with your smoking buddies. 

We love the classic ‘pencil’ shape of this glass dabber. Its tip is the perfect size for scooping and deploying dabs. Plus, the dabber is constructed so that the feather will not flop over and catch alight on accident!


  • Pink feather
  • Glass construction
  • Lots of character
  • Length: 185mm

How To Use

Step 1: Get your dabbing materials together.

Assemble your rig, torch, feather dabber and product.

Step 2: Put the torch to your banger nail until it’s glowing hot.

Scoop up your product on the end of your feather dabber. 

Step 3: Put your dab tool to the hot banger.

Inhale through the pipe! Remember to never touch the banger once it's hot!

Step 4: Rip until all the product has been smoked!

Hold in the rip then float right off!