Glass Septor Dabber

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Get your wizard hat off and prepare to come under the sweet spell of some dabs! This magical-looking septor shaped dab tool is as functional as it is cool. Plus, the sorcerer vibes can’t be beat!

This is a sturdy and durably constructed dab tool that goes with any dab kit. The glass is smooth and heavy and this piece won’t break due to the wear and tear of daily dabbing. 

Our Favorite Features 

Break out your strongest spells and get ready to dab it up with your septor dabber. We love the unique shape. The conversation of any solid dab session will revolve around this cool glass tool of yours. 

Plus, since this dab tool is for sale on Atomic Glass you know it is affordable and won’t break easily!


  • Funky septor shape
  • Glass dabber tool 
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Length: 140mm
  • Diameter: 8mm

How To Use

Step 1: Gather your dab materials.

We’re going on a dab adventure. 

Step 2: Collect some magic product on your dabber.

Ready your septor dabber. 

Step 3: Heat your element.

Put the pipe to your mouth like any wizard!

Step 4: Lower the dab tool to the hot element.

Rip away you smoking sorcerer!