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When it comes to rolling a joint, doing so without a filter tip should be a crime.

For the best of the best, and most natural, RAW classic rolling tips are the industry standard for all their prerolled joints and prerolled hemp wraps.

These classic tips are made from naturally unrefined long fibers and are unbleached, chemical-free, and, of course, vegan.

RAW classic tips are made with fourdrinier paper presses, essentially resulting in a cleaner, much smoother tip.

What Makes These Filter Tips Unique

Filter tips are usually the same size-ish, but you will find that they can vary in length and texture.

To be sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for, be sure to check out the various different rolling tips for rolling a perfect joint

Here at Atomic Blaze, we stock RAW rolling products, because of their market domination and committment to quality.

If you want to experience a smooth roll for your perfect smoke stick, then the RAW classic tips should always be your go-to for any wrap or paper.

To get the best bang for your buck, always shop for your RAW classic tips through Atomic Blaze’s online smoke shop.

We sell our high-quality filtered tips at extremely low prices, allowing every smoker out there to enjoy their sessions without worrying about inhaling hot ash.


  • Each pack contains fifty paper filter tips
  • Unbleached, vegan, chemical-free
  • Perfect for any sized roll

How to Use

RAW tips are easy to use. Simply pull a strip from the book of tips binding and you will see that there is perforation on one side to get the rolling started. Roll it up into a tight tip knowing that some of it will unwind once in place, creating a secure fit.

Step 1: How to Fit a Filter Tip

You need to find the method of fitting a RAW tip in that works best for you.


You can lay the tip at the end of the rolling paper and roll it up with the rest of your fresh tobacco. You risk the tip unraveling though and keeping it secure while trying to roll one up adds one more challenge to rolling a solid smoke stick.


You can also simply roll it up like you normally would, just make sure to leave enough space at the end to slip the rolled tip into place. If you elect to add the tip using this method, make sure your tip is rolled very tightly when you insert it into the end of the cigarette. The tip will then unravel creating a secure fit at the end.

Step 2: How to Fit a RAW Tip into a Cone

If you prefer packing a cone with your stash and would like to add a filter tip, that is also an option. You can buy RAW Cones that already have a tip inserted into the premade cone to make your life easier.


Otherwise, if you are going to shape a cone with a traditional rolling paper, you might find it is easier to create the cone with the filter at the bottom from the start. The tip will act as a base to the cone, helping you to shape it into the perfect cone. 

Step 3: How to Smoke with a Filter Tip

Well, this should be pretty obvious. Just smoke the way you normally would, but your lips will now be wrapped around a filter tip that will protect your lips and fingers from getting burnt. Filter tips are also a great way to preserve all your tobacco rather than losing some to a super resinated roach that doesn't taste good at all. Make sure you do not start smoking the filter tip though.