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When you find yourself wanting a change of pace from your usual smoking routine, try King Palm Watermelon Wave Palm Wraps. These flavored wraps are the perfect option for creating a delicious, potent wrap.

And, they’re easy to use.


  • Watermelon Wave

What Makes King Palm Wraps Unique

Simply utilize one of our metal grinders to grind up your tobacco to your liking and pour your dry tobacco inside the wrap, pack it with the included biodegradable packing stick, squeeze the filter tip to release the flavor and you’re ready to smoke. 

After you light our King Palm wrap, plain rolling papers or wraps simply aren’t an option anymore. The delicious yet subtle aroma of watermelon and all natural palm leaves will add a unique layer of flavor to your smoke sesh, pairing perfectly with the scents of your favorite tobacco products.

Not too overwhelming but tasty enough for you to notice, watermelon wave has found the perfect balance within their palm wraps. As a whole, enjoying these delicious wraps will do wonders for your smoking experience, and all at affordable prices. 

Smoking palm wraps shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why we provide our King Palm wraps at inexpensive prices, appealing to budgets of all types. We all deserve a flavorful cigarette every now and again, and Atomic Blaze online smoke shop can make that happen.

Coming in two-packs with filtered tips already added, you and a friend (or, maybe just you) will be set to have the perfect night in. We also offer affordable grinders, torch lighters, and rolling trays to complete your rolling experience.

So, the next time you’re jonesing for a change of smoke, turn to King Palm's mouthwatering watermelon wave wraps to level up your smoke game and completely transform the way you enjoy tobacco. 


  • Comes like a cone, just pack it
  • Easy to use
  • Terpene inclused filtered tips included
  • Includes biodegradable packing stick
  • Watermelon Wave Flavor

How to Use

Step 1: Pull out a palm wrap

When you open the resealable bag you will find two cones, pull one out with the packing stick.

Step 2: Adding your product

Hold the wrap open side up and pour your tobacco smoke product into the wrap. Pack it with the included packing stick.

Step 3: Release the flavor

Now squeeze and pop the filter tip to release the delicious watermelon wave flavor. Light it up and enjoy