Silicone Banger Hanger Bong

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Choosing your favorite way to blaze is like choosing your favorite kind of pizza. It’s impossible! We sell this silicone hanger bongs so you don’t have to choose! The hanger bong comes with a glass bowl for dried product and a quartz banger for your dabbing needs! 

The waterpipe bong is silicone which makes this little ripper even more portable and durable. Not to mention the fact that silicone looks trippy and cool. Plus, it feels way better in your hands than glass! 

Our Favorite Features 

Our favorite feature about this hanger bong is its two-for-one quality. Sometimes, one pipe is better than two! This way you can enjoy a smoke session any way you want at any time! The quartz banger is durably constructed and ready for dabbing. The glass bowl is equally durable and is prepared to burn up your ground product. 

This water pipe has a generous chamber and is pleasant to hold. Get this doubly fun bong today!


  • Height: 5”
  • Base Width: 3”
  • Removable showerhead for cleaning
  • Removable base for cleaning and storage

How To Use

Step 1: Decide what you want to smoke!

Get your product of choice ready.

Step 2: Insert the bowl or the banger on the stem.

Pack the bowl or scoop a dab.

Step 3: Heat the banger or light the bowl.


Step 4: Keep inhaling til you’ve got all that good smoke.

Only pull the slide if you’re using the bowl.