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The Nectar Collector is the next level of dabbing technology. It’s basically unlike anything the smoking world has seen before. If you’re new to dabbing or an experienced dabber, the nectar collector is a great addition to your dab kit

It is simple to use and provides you with unparalleled control of your dabbing experience. Plus, who doesn’t love gathering around a big tray at a party and collecting some nectar with the crew?

Our Favorite Features 

You’ll be all over your dabs like bees on a flower with this nectar collector. We love the simplicity and ease of this nectar collector. There’s not a dab session out there that wouldn’t benefit from this piece. 

This nectar collector features a 14mm long stainless steel tip that heats and cools quickly so that you can get the temperature just right for your dabs. The silicone body improves your grip and also resists breakage. Plus, since you’re buying this nectar collector from Atomic Blaze, you know it’s cheap and sturdy!


  • 14mm stainless steel tip
  • Silicone
  • Nectar collector/honey straw

How To Use

Step 1: Arrange your dabs on a glass or metal tray.

Get your torch and nectar collector ready. 

Step 2: Heat the stainless steel tip until it is red hot.

Let it cool down until the temperature suits your taste.

Step 3: Raise the nectar collector’s mouthpiece to your lips.

Bend over the tray of dabs.

Step 4: Touch the hot tip to the dabs. 

Inhale that good dab vapor then pass the collector to a homie!