Smoke Buddy Junior - Personal Air Filter

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Keep your smoke to yourself with this pocket sized personal air filter. The Smoke Buddy Junior will eliminate odors and reduce second hand smoke in the air. Whether you're using it at home or on the go, the smoke buddy is the perfect air filter to have on hand.

The days of toilet paper rolls and fabric softerner sploofs are over with the Smoke Buddy. It is a personal air filter so you can blow your smoke through it and eliminate that stinky smell.

Our Favorite Features

A small hand sized hard plastic air freshener, this filter fits into your carry-ons, purse or pocket. It's a travel companions so you can enjoy smoke sessions in hotel rooms, at your girlfriend's parents house or even out in public.

With a comfortable mouthpiece and opening on the other end for the freshened smoke, it couldn't be easier to use the smoke buddy. It's the convenience of such an air frenshener so that you aren't leaving a trail for some pumped up security guard to make a big deal about that we love so much!


  • Keychain
  • Reclosable cap
  • 1 Smoke Buddy

How to Use

Step 1: Pop the caps off

Easily flip open the caps on either end of the smoke buddy to get started.

Step 2: Take a big puff from your glass pipe

Grab either your bong bubbler, hand pipe or cone and light up. Take a big inhale, but don't exhale quite yet.

Step 3: Blow into the smoke buddy

Wrap your lips around the smaller end that is the mouthpiece and exhale. The smoke will push through the filter inside of Smoke Buddy Jr. and come out the other end.



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    Smoke Buddy

    Posted by Brianna Clay on Feb 2nd 2021

    Actually pretty cool. Not really a smoke free session though because there is still smoke from whatever you're burning but some spray will easily fix that.