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Beta Test: Glass Pipe, Shipping Included!

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We wanted to thank you for helping us to get this far with a glass pipe deal for $5.50, delivered to you.

This same glass pipe will cost $9.19 after this beta launch test of our online smoke shop is done, which still is a better price than what you get a local head shop.

Your glass handpipe will be chosen at random and will be at least 3.5" in length!

*pipe color, shape and design may vary from the picture based on current inventory.

It Was All a Dream

Blazing a New Trail in a Broken Industry 🔥

What a long road it's been for us! If you are seeing this deal, you have been exclusively invited to test out our new website and give us feedback on what you like and what you don't love.

We have listened to feedback from all of our satisfied customers from the past few years and we need more input. Our goal is to build an online smoke shop community, by the smokers, for the smokers.

In 27 months of fighting to get launched, we learned this:

Persistence Beats Resistance.

Being honest with the banks, regulators and marketplaces caused us get doors slammed in our face. What's the problem with a glass pipe? Nothing at all. Half a century of brainwashing really stunts the growth of an industry, but we finally have the right foundation in place that will allow us to grow, without sacrificing our integrity or values.

Who's riding shotgun with us?

Old Habits Die Hard.

The smoke shop industry is ripe for disruption and we are here to shake things up. The world is changing and people are smart. The majority of people have been buying glass from head shops under false pretenses. Stop into any smoke shop, anywhere in America and you see the same type of people running these stores. There is no reason to overpay for smoke shop items anymore.

The greed is unbearable and the people that pay the price are the smokers. This ends now.

Some customers are just shady.

There are good people and there are bad people in the world. This idea supersedes age, gender, race, color, religion and financial situation. In an industry that was built on an underground world, some of those people still look to ruin it for others by doing shady things.

We have heard every excuse, seen every scam and if you think that we won't fight or protect our smoke shop community, think again.

Follow the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I have been smoking since I was young. Something about it always helped calm my mind, keep me focused and helped me to continue the grind.

-Brian (founder of Atomic Blaze)
I'll never understand why the smoke shops are so greedy. The people who are smokers have been supporting the movement towards legalization, so why the heck do head shops feel the need to charge 3X to 5X the product cost?

-Heather (Director of Operations at Atomic Blaze)
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They say such nice things.

Excellent quality. Beautiful art. Great seller. Speedy shipping A+

Debbie W.

Fantastic quality and Speedy shipping! Will be buying more for sure!! Beautiful!

Buddah Baby

Fast shipping, well wrapped in the packaging. Beautiful pieces!!!

Lily Rose

They aren’t wrong though.

Nice product fast shipping great person to shop from . Thanks A+++++

Creator 1X

Sturdy thick glass, perfect! Fast and speedy shipping!

David I.

Lightning Fast! Exactly what I ordered! Will buy from again! Thank you!

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Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.


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No matter where you live, Atomic Blaze has got you covered. 100 miles to the closest smoke shop and get price gouged when you get there? No thanks.

Discrete packaging, generic return address and lightening fast shipping make Atomic Blaze the best online smokeshop.

Fast and discrete shipping from, the best online headshop

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