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When it's time for your ideal smoking session, a lighter is a must. Small hand pipes, bubblers, or one-hitters are essential too, but if you don't have a lighter, you're out of luck. This lighter is palm-sized and priced cheaper than your average gas station lighter.

It comes in a variety pack if you want to buy lighters in bulk and save, so when you lose a lighter (and you will), you'll know you have another. The entire display case includes 50 Blink Lighters with five different color options.

Our Favorite Features

This economy Blink lighter is fueled with butane gas and is designed with a bright, colorized plastic so that you're able to see how much butane you have left. It also includes a small, plastic dial located on the metal top of the lighter, which will allow you to control the size of the flame. It also produces a simple soft flame so you do not scorch all your product at once.

The spark wheel is child restrictive, so it's easy for you to light, but prevents any accidents. Because of its protective covering, the butane gas won't leak while using or when you go to set it down. The black button place behind the spark wheel keeps the flame ignited after the wheel has been sparked.

You can select your favorite color cheap lighter from the choices of either red, green, blue, pink, or purple. Because the price of this pocket-friendly lighter is so low, you don't have to choose between your favorite colors this time-- you can have both. Thanks to the Blink lighter’s size, it makes it easy to carry and to store in smaller spaces.

To use the lighter, simply spark the wheel with your thumb, press the black button, which releases the butane that then ignites the flame. To stop the fire, release the button. Use the lighter for one-hitters, glass hand pipes, bubblers or anything else you desire for your ideal happy hour.


  • Portable and compact-sized
  • Color varies by order
  • Controllable flame

How to Use

Step 1: Check for Butane

The Blink Lighters are see through so it is easy to see the fluid inside and how much is left.

Step 2:

Place your thumb on the flint wheel and spin it towards you so your thumb lands on the butane release valve button. You should now see a little flame dancing above the output.

Step 3:

Use the flame to light the packed bowl of your glass pipe and smoke.



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    Posted by Phillip Bell on Dec 1st 2020

    Lighters work as design, and the price is right!