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Get a red small plastic grinder from the Atomic Blaze online smoke shop and spend less on a smoking accessory that's in every smoker's collection. Get small plastic grinders in your favorite colors and never overpay.

Yes this small plastic grinder has a compact size, but it still does the trick. If you need a cheap large plastic grinder, then we got you covered there too.

How to Use

Step 1: Stuff Your Product into the Teeth

Pull the 2 halves of the plastic grinder apart exposing the teeth and shove your tobacco leaves into the teeth. Don't be gentle about it.

Step 2: Push the 2 Halves of the Grinder Back Together

Push the halves of the grinder together all the way, crushing your material inside.

Step 3: Turn the 2 Halves of the Grinder in Opposite Directions

With both hands, grab each half of the grinder and turn them back and forth in opposite directions until it gets easy. Then dump our the gournd up stash onto a rolling tray and you are ready to load your bong.