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The Clipper Brand refillable butane lighter is an ideal accessory for smoking that can meet a wide range of every smoker’s needs. A replaceble flint that ignites every time, and seconds as a poking tool to clear ash out of your glass pipe. The Clipper lighter can be used to smoke all different types of products and materials.

The base of the Clipper lighter also serves as a tamper, to allow you to move and pack your tobacco as you smoke, helping to ensure a fresh, full hit every time. The best online smoke shops offer this lighter specifilly designed for those of us that love to smoke.

What Makes These Quality Clipper Lighters Unique

The Clipper lighter is designed to be the only lighter any smoker needs. The lighter is made up of features not found in standard lighters, like a refillable butane holder and flints that can easily be removed and replaced.

Although the features of these lighters are enhanced, the price is not. Clipper lighters are comparable in price to cheap, traditional lighters, yet Clippers last much longer (and look better, too).  In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of finding the right butane lighter is ensuring that the lighter will last, while also ensuring that you can use their lighter in a wide range of circumstances. 

The Clipper lighter achieves all of these goals, as it is good for up to 3000 lights per tank of fuel and is designed to work every time. When the fuel runs out, it is easy to refill for another 3000 lights by simply adding more fuel to the storage tank.  

Whether you enjoy smoking out of a bong, which requires more fuel, or a glass chillum that barely requires any, a high-quality Clipper lighter will get the job done and more. Once you get your hands one from Atomic Blaze, it’ll be the only lighter you’ll use during any smoke sesh.


  • Type: Butane lighter
  • Refillable fuel tank
  • Good for 3000 lights
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes in a wide range of designs
  • Price is competitive with standard lighters

How to Use

Step 1: Test it Out

Make sure your Clipper Lighter lights up for you and works like any other lighter. 

Step 2: Pull the Flint Wheel and Poking Tool Free

Then grab the flint wheel and pull it free. See the poking tool and how it works to help clear your glass pipe bowl of sediment.

Step 3: Try Tamping

Look at the rounded bottom of the lighter and see how it can tamp packed bowls down for you too.