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With the Atomic Blaze deluxe rolling essentials bundle, you’ll finally have all the classic items you need to roll the most perfect smoke stick imaginable. This complete smoking set includes premium Watermelon Wave King Palm Wraps, Greenbacks $100 Bill Rolling Papers, a small metal rolling tray, a 55mm grinder, and a Blink Lighter.

With this impressive bundle, you’ll have everything you could want to enjoy a perfect smoking bundle. Not only does the Atomic Blaze deluxe rolling essentials bundle provide you with reliable and high-quality items, but it is also considerably cost-effective. Your days of being overcharged for lower-quality rolling papers, tips, trays, and grinders are officially over.

What Makes This Deluxe Rolling Essentials Unique

Premium King Palm Wraps are crafted from the purest single-source palm leafs available, on top of containing no genetically-modified organisms. As best-in-class terpene infused tips, King Palm wraps have a smooth, balanced taste you’ll love. 

In addition, Greenbacks $100 Bill Rolling Papers, which include 20 papers per booklet along with rolling tips, lend your cigarette an elevated look. Not only is each paper printed with a $100 bill graphic, but they’re made simply from natural plant fibers, non-toxic vegetable oil coloring, and organic sugar glue. 

Being composed of earth-friendly ingredients, Greenbacks $100 Bill rolling papers are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and unbleached, guaranteeing them a premium look, feel, and smoke.

While the King Watermelon Wave Wraps and Greenbacks rolling papers are unique and trendy items perfect for any avid smoker, the metal rolling tray, large acrylic grinder, and blink lighter are essentials that every smoker’s collection thirsts for.

With the large metal rolling tray, you’ll no longer know the fuss of wasting dry tobacco while rolling. Further, the 55mm grinder, featuring circular grips for faster grinding, will pulverize your tobacco with heightened precision. 

And of course, who can never pass-up a Blink Torch Lighter? As an essential, no smoker can get enough of these disposable lighters. They are presented in a classic style with an adjustable flame. They are ideal for every bowl, rolling paer, or hemp wrap. 

Give yourself the smoking accessories you deserve and purchase Atomic Blaze’s deluxe rolling essentials bundle now. 



  • Type: Smoke Bundle
  • Material: hemp, metal, plastic, butane
  • Pack of 2 King Palm Wraps
  • Pack of Greenbacks $100 Bill Rolling Papers
  • Metal Rolling Tray
  • Blink Lighter
  • 55mm Grinder
  • Durable design
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Highly Portable


What's Included

  • King Palm Watermelon Wave Wraps, pack of 2
  • Greenback’s rolling papers and tips, booklet of 20
  • Small metal rolling tray
  • 55mm grinder
  • Disposable Blink lighter
  • Durable design for all the components
  • Discreet delivery 
  • Secure packaging to make sure your product is delivered safely 
  • A great smoke experience


How to Use a Deluxe Rolling Essentials

This hemp wrap and rolling paper bundle provides everything you need to roll a long lasting hemp wraps and super stylish $100 bill rolled beauties. This bundle contains everything you need for an amazing smoke experience for you and your friends or as a gift for the smoker in your life.

Step 1: How to Use a 55mm Grinder

Pull the top of your grinder free and you will see the teeth of the grinder. Push your tobacco leaves into the teeth and then push the lid back onto the top of the grinder, smashing your product until it closes entirely. Begin twisting the top around and then back and forth until it swivels easily.

Step 2: How to Use a Rolling Tray  

With your ground up tobacco now safely piled onto your rolling tray, you can begin setting up for the rolling process. Make sure you hold your hands, or your rolling machine, over the tray while you RYO with the papers or use the hemp wraps. This way, if any of the ground up leaves fall free from the rolling paper, they will land back on the tray making sure you can easily scoop it back up.

Step 3: How to Use Greenback $100 Bill Rolling Papers


The Greenback Rolling Papers are a very fun way to smoke, with Benjamin Franklin giving you his approving look. Carefully pull a paper free from the pack and lay it on your rolling tray. Then, pull a filter tip free from the pack.


Start with the filter tip by locating the perforated edge first and begin rolling the tip tightly from that end to form a tight spiraling cylinder. Set it aside on the tray for the time being. You will see it unravel a little. That is ok, it is easy to tighten up again.


Take the rolling paper and identify the side of the paper with the $100 bill print, and turn that away from you so that the unprinted side is facing you. Now, identify the glue strip running along 1 of the wide edges of the paper and make sure that edge is on top. 


You may want to start with the rolling paper by folding it lightly in half, holding it the wide way. Now, pinch some of your finely ground up tobacco and line the center of the paper leaving enough room for the filter tip on one end. With both of your hands, begin rolling the paper back and forth with your thumbs on one side and fingers on the other until a nice solid mold, the shape of a cigarette, has been made of your product.


Some tobacco product may fall out until you become more practiced, but fear not, your rolling tray will have caught them. Here comes the tricky part. You now need to roll your tobacco product almost to the end of the rolling paper so you can fit the edge of the paper over the molded product and under the other side of the paper. It may take a few tries, but that is ok, we have all been there.


Once you have managed to get the edge of the paper to roll over your tobacco mold and under the edge of the side of the paper furthest from you, finish rolling the cigarette until you get close to the glue strip. Lick the glue strip like you were licking an envelope. Then finish rolling your Greenbacks $100 Bill roll.


Now, pick up the filter and quickly tighten it up again. Insert the tightly rolled filter tip into the end of the cigarette you left a little room for. If some of your molded product is blocking it, just push hard until the filter tip is all the way in. It will then unravel a little and create a firm hold onto the end of the roll. You may want to wet the paper around the filter with your lips to really hold it in place.

Step 4: How to Use King Palm Wraps

Please read through this hemp wrap rolling instruction entirely before beginning to roll.


Palm wraps are a healthier alternative to tobacco leaf, which normally contains nicotine. Some suggest hemp tastes better with your product compared to a hemp wrap. King Palm Wraps provide a flavored smoking experience.


King Palm wraps come in a resealable package to help keep them fresh. After opening the package, make sure to reseal it to preserve the other palm leaf in the package. Flavored Palm Wraps can dry out and are unusable all dried out.


You will find 2 already prepared filter tips in your flavored hemp wrap package. Go ahead and set one aside on your rolling tray. Now pull out one of the tubes of palm wraps. It will be rolled with a plastic covering that you will pull it free from. Also, a packing tool can be found in the middle of the rollup to preserve its shape and for later use. Set it aside.


Make sure you grind up plenty of your tobacco product. King Palm wraps can hold about 3 times what your typical RAW rolling paper can hold. Drop the smoking product onto your rolling tray out of your spice & herb grinder.


Pick up the packing tool and use it to help pack and compress leaves into the wrap.


Now squeeze the premade filter tip to pop and release the terpene infused flavor from natural fruits.


Once you are ready to start smoking, place the filtered end in your mouth. Take your Blink lighter and give the end a nice bright red cherry. The flavors of the hemp wrap should help take your smoking experience to a whole new level.



King Palm Wraps

┼ Height: 6.5 inches

┼ Depth: .25 inches

┼ Width: 2.5 inches

┼ Weight: .50 ozs