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Upgrade your smoking experience tenfold with Atomic Blaze’s Premium Smoker’s Gift Bundle. This package contains both premium and classic smoking accessories that ensures you smoke like we do. This ideal gift for smokers includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

This smoking set contains a triple blown glass pipe, Smokin’ Clean hard bristle pipe cleaners, a three-chambered large metal grinder, a rolling tray and a blink lighter.

What Makes This Premium Smokers Gift Bundle Unique

Our online smoke shop supplies only the most intricate and high-quality smoking accessories on the market. Our triple-blown glass pipe will provide you with a luxury smoking experience, while our three-chambered grinders make breaking down your product a breeze.


Though each glass pipe is unique and artisan-crafted, it is also triple-blown to virtually eliminate breakability and ensure durability. For a slip-free grip, small glass bubbles litter the pipe’s stem.

And, with Smokin’ Clean hard bristle pipe cleaners included in the Atomic Blaze premium smoker’s gift bundle, your triple blown glass smoke pipe will remain in pristine condition, no matter how often you use it. Crafted with extra abrasive bristles and 100% extra-absorbent cotton filler, these heavy-duty, tapered cleaners are just what you need to polish the hard-to-reach areas of your pipe.

As we mentioned, you’ll also find a three-chambered large metal grinder in this smoking set—a premium accessory that will expertly grind your tobacco. Three-chambered grinders are highly sought-after by avid smokers; featuring a grinding section, and different collection chambers, this grinder will neatly organize your spices & herbs for a mess-free grind.

It’s large size and metal composure will allow you to grind more tobacco faster, and you can store more within the chamber to get you prepared for later. 

The small metal rolling tray and blink lighter included in the Atomic Blaze Premium Smoker’s Gift Bundle are more classic essentials that any smoker will love. With the printed metal rolling tray, you can now catch your loose tobacco in style.

The disposable Blink lighter, a smoking favorite, has a retro design and adjustable flame. All in all, this gift bundle contains the perfect collection of smoking accessories to give you the experience of a lifetime. 

What's Included

  • Triple-blown glass smoking pipe
  • Slim hard bristle pipe cleaners, extra abrasive
  • Three-chamber large and durable metal grinder
  • Large metal rolling tray
  • Disposable blink lighter

How to Use

Step 1: Get out the grinder and rolling tray

Grab your premium metal grinder and put it down on your rolling tray. Stuff your tobacco product into the teeth of the top chamber and push the magentic top down on the tobacco crushing it. Turn the metal top grinding up the product and when it is easy to turn unscrew the first chamber from the second chamber. Pour the ground up product onto the rolling tray.

Step 2: It's time to pack the glass bowl

Grab your new big thick triple blown glass pipe and pack it with the green while holding it over the tray. Grab your Blink lighter and light up.

Step 3:

A few weeks from now, you will notice that your pipe is gettting resinated and it doesn't hit quite as well as it used to. Grab a pipe cleaner, push it through the mouth piece, then the carb hole and even the hole at the botom of the bowl. You will be clearing a path to make the most out of your thick glass pipe.