Atomic Blaze Standard Smoking Bundle

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Smoking bundles don’t come any cheaper than this! With the Atomic Blaze Standard Smoking Bundle, you’re getting a tobacco smoking bundle whose components are made from high-quality materials, for high-quality smokers. And, these bundles are at such a low price point, you simply cannot say no to the value!


This Atomic Blaze Smoking Bundle contains five Atomic Blaze glass chillums, a standard acrylic grinder, a simple Blink lighter, and a metal rolling tray.


This set houses all the basic smoking tools that any smoker would need, and is only one of the many inexpensive items that the Atomic Blaze online smoke shop has to offer.

What Makes This Standard Smoking Bundle Unique

This impressive smoking bundle comes with the most essential part of any smoke kit: a blink lighter. The lighter in this kit is easily replaceable and it has an adjustable flame lever, making it not only easy to use, but great for all types of tobacco smoking products. 

Blink lighters are superior to any lighter you’ll find at a gas station, and let’s be honest: your tobacco smoke deserves nothing less than the best. 

Also, in this essential smoking kit are five Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop glass chillums. These compact one-hitters are crafted with durable borosilicate glass to prevent both heat damage and breakage if mishandled. 

With this type of glass, you’re able to enjoy one of the purest smokes on the planet, as your chillum will allow the flow of smoke directly from the tobacco leaf to your mouth, undisturbed by any fancy perks or water. 

Let’s not forget about the stylish metal rolling tray that’s made its way into this package. If you like portability and accessibility, this tray is for you. (which is everybody.)

It’s lightweight and compact, making it an impressive travel buddy for all of our tobacco smoke sessions. This specific tray has a dimension of 7.5” x 4” and has elevated edges to ensure none of your accessories fall off at any point. 

The green-colored flower on the rolling tray makes it a beauty, and you would go about your smoking experience with an extra sense of calm wherever you are as a result of this eye-catching design.

Lastly in this bundle is a large, plastic, sharp tooth grinder that is quick, portable, and super easy to use. This small plastic grinder ensures that you do not encounter any difficulties while preparing your tobacco, always resulting in an evenly ground, packable form, perfect for every Atomic Blaze smoke sesh.



  • Type: Smoke Bundle
  • Material: Borosilicate glass, metal, plastic, butane
  • 5 Glass One Hitter Pipes
  • Metal Rolling Tray
  • Blink Lighter
  • Small Plastic Grinder
  • Durable design
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Highly Portable


What's Included

  • 5 high-quality borosilicate glass chillums
  • Small plastic grinder
  • Blink lighter
  • Stylish metal rolling tray measuring 7.5” x 4”
  • Durable design for all the components
  • Discreet delivery 
  • Secure packaging to make sure your product is delivered safely 

How to Use a Standard Smoking Bundle

A standard smoke bundle includes 5 Atomic Blaze chillums, a rolling tray, blink lighter and small plastic grinder. All 4 items are necessary for the in this perfect gift for smokers.

Step 1: How to Use a One Hitter

The one hitters in this standard bundle are inconspicuous small pipes meant to be tucked away into packets for later use or so that you do not need to share your glass pipe if you care to share at all.


Pack your ground up tobacco into the small glass bowl at the end of the chillum. Put your mouth at the end of the long chamber, light the bowl and inhale.

Step 2: How to Use a Rolling Tray  

Before you head out for the evening, grind up some of your tobacco smoke product and dump it onto your rolling tray.


Pinch some of the groud product and stuff it into the bowl of your one hitter while holding it over the tray. You will see that any loose product that doesn’t make it into the glass bowl falls onto the small metal rolling tray.


The idea is to preserve your tobacco smoke product on the tray and to make the packing or rolling process as quick and efficient as possible.

Step 3: How to Use a Plastic Grinder

You will find that there are 2 sides of your plastic grinder. Pull them apart and look inside. You will see lots of sharp acrylic teeth staring up at you. The teeth have been placed in a complex pattern so that when you twist the two ends together, the teeth never collide.


Push your tobacco into the teeth of one side, don’t be gentle about it. Don’t overstuff it or turning the grinder will be too difficult. Once your product is stuffed into the teeth, press the other side of the grinder into the side with your tobacco smoke product until the grinder closes entirely.


You will hear and feel you tobacco get smashed in between the teeth. Then with two hands, one on each side of the grinder, begin to turn one side with one of your hands while the other stabilizes the other side. Alternatively, you can turn both sides of the grinder with both hands in opposite directions to grind faster.


Once the grinder has thoroughly broken up your smoke product, you will feel that it is easier to turn the two ends of the grinder. Open it up and dump the contents onto the rolling tray. The end result is a much more smokable product that is easier to roll and will will burn more evenly as well.

Step 4: How to Clean Your Standard Smoking Bundle

When it comes time to clean your chillums, rolling trays and cleaning a grinder, alcohol swabs may be the best way to go about it.


You can feel free to boil your one hitters and run hard bristle pipe cleaners through them. But, the rolling tray you can just wipe down with a small towelette soaked in isopropyl alcohol. You can also wipe down the grinder as well, or immerse it in rubbing alcohol.