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The Blazers Box is an offical collaboration of Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop x Me Time Box Products. This unique and exclusive smokers box filled with all your smoking needs. When you purchase this bundle, you’ll receive a unique glass spoon pipe, a special glass bubbler, a silicone-wrapped glass chillum, a dichroic glass chillum, rolling papers, hemp wraps, a grinder, a rolling tray, a doob tube, pipe cleaners and a Blink lighter.

Honestly… what more could you ask for?

What Makes The Blazers Box Unique

This Blazers Box, prepared specially for Atomic Blaze smoke shop by Me Time Box Products, is perfect for both the novice and experienced smoker. Everyone needs a glass pipe bowl, glass bubbler, and glass chillum to spice up their smoke sessions and provide them with a piece for every occasion.

While this handpipe from Atomic Blaze is perfect for a full-bodied, earthy smoke, the glass bubbler will guarantee you the coolest and cleanest inhale. A glass chillum (with this box, you will receive two) is the ultimate way to enjoy a quick hit while on-the-go.

The grippy wrapping around the silicone wrapped glass chillum especially suits the skateboarder or traveler, as it provides an extra layer of durability, no matter where you choose to bring it. 

Rolling papers and hemp wraps are a must for dedicated smokers who love to change it up. The rolling papers and hemp wraps provided by Twisted Hemp in this Blazers Box are always all-natural, allowing you to smoke without worrying about your health or the earth’s.

The included large plastic grinder, rolling tray, doob tube, pipe cleaners, and lighter are essential smoking accessories that every avid smoker knows, loves, and needs in their collection.


  • Discreet box full of smoke accessories

What's Included

  • Glass pipe bowl
  • Glass bubbler
  • Silicone-wrapped, durable glass chillum
  • Dichroic glass chillum
  • Sustainably-sourced hemp wraps
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting grinder
  • Rolling tray
  • Doob tube that retains all odors
  • Abrasive and tapered pipe cleaners
  • Disposable Blink lighter
  • Cones

*Inventory is constantly changing, so the items that you receive may be slightly different in color and shape than what is pictured, but you will love it.

How to Use

Step 1: Where to begin

Go ahead and take inventory of all smoke items in The Blazers Box, which is more than we can include in the listing. Find the tools you need first like the rolling tray, grinder and lighter. Now find the glass pipe you want to use.

Step 2: it's time for a test run

Now, it's time to see if this menagerie of smoke essentials work. Have a smoke and let us know how it goes.

Step 3:

Either carefully store all of your smoke items back in the nice flip top box, or store them away for later use in a cupboard you have designated.