The Smoker's Essentials Bundle

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Our online head shop is here to make your tobacco smoke smoother with the smoker’s essentials bundle. Whether you’re shopping for essentials, or looking to make smoking on-the-go effortless, the smoker’s essentials bundle is the classic addition to build any collection.

Our Favorite Features

Indulge in Atomic Blaze smoke shop’s sleek OG style glass chillum, the ultimate companion for spontaneous or long-awaited trips. Being durable yet discreet, this one-hitter hits the spot for active hikers, skateboarders, or road-trippers. Even if you’re smoking from home, the classic style glass chillum utilizes its true shape to provide a full, unencumbered toke every time.

In addition to the popularized chillum, the smoker’s essentials bundle includes authentic Magic Stick Rolling Papers, a rolling tray, a doob tube, and a glass filter tip. These rolling papers and rolling trays are ideal for those who pride themselves on rolling on-the-go.

Being the first choice of many dedicated smokers, rolling papers are an essential tool that never goes out of style. Magic Stick’s high-quality rolling papers, at the convenient size of 70mm x 60mm, fit lightly in your pocket; at the same time, Mary Jane’s small metal rolling tray, sporting a sleek and contemporary design, ensures you don’t waste any tobacco.

As the smoker’s essentials bundle includes a glass filter tip, you’ll never breathe in charred tobacco again. Glass filter tips yield unbelievably smooth hits every time, on top of being washable and reusable. Scoobies no more!

When you have the time to prep for a day out, the slim doob tube in the smoker’s essentials bundle allows you to safely carry your pre-rolled RYOs. Airtight and designed with precision, the doob tube reliably retains strong odors, so you’ll never have to sweat it when you’re out in public. As a whole, this Smoker’s Essential bundle from Atomic Blaze will have you prepped and ready for practically any smoke sesh, no matter where you are, or how you’re trying to smoke. 


  • Type: Bundle
  • Perfect for travel
  • Discreet and compact

What's Included

  • 1 OG style glass chillum
  • 1 pack Magic Stick rolling papers
  • Mary Jane rolling tray
  • 1 compact doob tube
  • 1 reusable glass filter tip

How to Use

Step 1: Get out the Mary Jane's roling tray

Now that you have your tray out, get either the Magic Stick rolling papers and the glass filter tip, or the chillum.

Step 2: Get packing and rolling

With your ground up smoke product on the tray, it's time to either pack the bowl of the one hitter or roll something up. With Magic Stick Rolling Papers, made sure the glue strip is facing you and position at the top of the papers. Line your smoke product along the creeas and position the glass filter tip on the end. Then roll it up, give the glue a lick and seal it.

Step 3: It's time to smoke

After using your rolling tray so effectively, you should not have lost any of your hard-earned tobacco. Sit back and spark up! When you are done, you can drop your leftovers into the doob tube and close the cap to get it to go out and preserve it for later.