Glass Starfish Dabber

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Patrick the Starfish is a legend. With this starfish dabber though, you’ll be beneath waves of good smoke partying with the other sea creatures in no time! 

This durably constructed and unique tool can be added to any dab rig kits. It adds a personal flair to any dab session, particularly to ocean, nature or Spongebob lovers. 

Our Favorite Features 

Not only are we fans of all smoking accessories that feature natural vibes, but we love the price on this dabber. It lets us save more money for that good product!


  • Sturdy construction
  • Starfish shape
  • Unique design
  • Length: 145mm

How To Use

Step 1: Get your dabbing gear together.

Do you have your tool, product, dab rig and torch?

Step 2: Scoop up the product using the dab tool.

Pick up your starfish dab tool. 

Step 3: Heat your banger.

Put your mouth to the pipe. 

Step 4: Place the dabber on the hot banger.