Magical Unicorn Dabber

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  • They say unicorns are extinct. But this unicorn dabber right here will keep it 100% real during your smoke sessions!

You’ll be straight up frolicking through blissful, smoky pastures like a unicorn after loading up your dab rig with a few scoops off of this wild horse!

Our Favorite Features 

This dab tool is durable and unique. It is a unicorn after all. 

Plus, since this dab tool is for sale at Atomic Blaze you know that it’s cheap and sturdy! We’re here to keep you riding that dab unicorn on top of rainbows through space! What!?


  • Unicorn design
  • Durable glass construction
  • Reliable dab tool 
  • Length: 130mm

How To Use

Step 1: Get your product out.

This is basically like opening the unicorn stable.

Step 2: Scoop a dab with the dabber tool.

That’s like feeding your unicorn a snack.

Step 3: Heat your dab nail or banger.

That’s like saddling your unicorn.

Step 4: Put the unicorn dabber to the hot banger and rip!

That’s how you ride off into the sunset on a unicorn.