5" Pink Swirl Pipe

Atomic Blaze
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If discrection is what you're looking for, you can smoke in peace with this beautiful and hand-crafted Pink Swirl Pipe. This stylish glass pipe, approximately 5 inches, is the perfect fit for a purse or pocket!

Made from ultra thick, top of the line borosilicate glass, this piece comes equipped with a generously sized bowl and side carburetor that guarantees total control of every single hit. 

This affordable, high-quality glass pipe is conveniently sized and easily transportable, making it the perfect gift for any smoker looking to enjoy a discreet hit or two while they’re out and about. Check out the extensive range of top-quality glass pipes and other products on our online smoke shop!

What Makes This Swirl Pipe So Popular?

The safe and durable design of this pipe is why it’s admired by both experienced and novice smokers far and wide. The approximate 5" length allows you to smoke discreetly on the go and transport your piece without fear of breakage.

The non-toxic borosilicate glass ensures a safe, comfortable smoking experience. Atomic Blaze has managed to create a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and high-quality without hurting your budget!


  • Length: 4.75 inches
  • Heat resistant and non-toxic borosilicate glass
  • Bulbous mouthpiece
  • Side carburetor 
  • Easy to clean

How to Use

Here’s how to use your new favorite pipe:

Step 1: How to Pack Your Pipe

Pack the bowl full with your favorite tobacco product.

Step 2: How to Light Your Pipe

Cover the carburetor with a finger, light and inhale for a quick and effortless hit!

Step 3: How to Clean Your Pipe

To clean your glass pipe, use boiling water or rubbing alcohol to clear out the gunk and keep your piece looking flawless!