8" Bong with Clear Twisted Stem

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Clear your head with this Premium Clear 8 Inch Glass Bong with Ornate Twists and Percolator. This beautiful, uniquely styled bong features an expertly crafted, twisted design that makes this piece look incredible, all while helping cool and diffuse smoke through an impressive percolator to ensure an amazing hit every time.

A high-quality bong is the ultimate necessity for anyone who calls themselves a smoker, and the heavy premium, glass twisty Bong by Atomic Blaze Online Smokeshop makes the perfect accessory!

Whether you’re smoking alone or with friends, this bong comes equipped with a durable glass base to maximize stability and prevent tipping. This Atomic Blaze bong strikes the ideal balance between thickness for safety and lightweightedness for portability, making it easy to move around without fear of easy breakage!

Why You’ll Love This Premium Glass Bong

This premium glass bong offers a unique twisted design and internal percolator which filters smoke in a way that is both cool to watch and incredible to experience. The high-quality, non-toxic borosilicate glass creates a sturdy and durable product without compromising the safety and purity of your smoke session.

With each inhale, this piece guarantees you receive smoke that is filtered, smooth and refreshing. The 8” glass bong height makes it easy to transport and store discreetly, making it the perfect piece no matter where you use it!


  • Height: 8 inches
  • Unique Twisted Neck design
  • Crafted with heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • Thick glass base for stability
  • Lightweight and easily portable

How to Use

First time using a bong? Here’s how:

Step 1: Add Water to Your Bong

Begin by filling the bong with just enough water to completely submerge the downstem and slits. 

Step 2: Fill Your Bong Bowl

Fill the bowl with your favorite dry tobacco mixture, packing properly to ensure an even smoke. 

Step 3: How to Light Your Bong

Put a flame to the bowl, inhale, and enjoy a smooth and filtered hit!

Step 4: What You Should Do With the Bong Water

Once finished, empty the water from your bong until the next use. 

Step 5: How to Clean Your Bong

For a deeper clean, use boiling water or rubbing alcohol to prevent tar build-up.



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    Posted by THOMAS on Mar 5th 2021