Clear Glass Chillums One Hitters

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You have your favorite one-hitter, and now you need a spare. We offer a 10-pack of beautifully simple designed, hand-crafted one-hitters so that you'll have a spare to share during a smoke sesh. You can leave one of these discreet pipes just about anywhere as a spare for emergencies too.

A one-hitter refers to a skinny, tubular pipe made for a single puff. It's also referred to as a chillum. This classic piece of glass has been around for decades as an oh-so-popular form of smoking. In fact, most travelers choose it as their preferred glass pipes due to its convenience and ease of use.

What Makes This 10-Pack of One-Hitters a Deal?

When you're traveling, it's easy to lose or misplace something as conveniently small as a one hitter pipe. When you purchase this 10-pack of chillums, you have plenty of backups. Their sleek design can appeal to every type of smoker wanting a piece simply for traveling. Also, the glass they're created from is heat-resistant and durable at a great price.



  • Thick borosilicate glass (pyrex)
  • Heat-resistant
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 4.5" Length

How To Use

Step 1: Always Grind it Up

Grind your product and get it prepared.

Step 2: Pack Your One-Hitter Lightly

Pack lightly the shallow bowl of the chillum by pushing it into your product.

Step 3: How to Clean Your One-Hitter

Clean a one hitter simply by running a pipe cleaner through it.