We Got 5 on It! Launch Deal Special Bundle

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Now: $12.97
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Product Overview

Get a high quality rolling tray along with 5 Atomic Blaze Glass Chillums in this special launch deal. A rolling tray is great for keeping your ground up stash while you pack chillums, bowls or roll one up. The five one hitters are great taster pipes if you are doing some sampling. High quality pipes and smokers bundles like this, are a deal you can't pass up.

This special beta launch deal is built for the smokers.

  • 5 Pack - Atomic Blaze Borosilicate Glass Taster Chillums
    • Discreet one-hitter that's easy to clean.
    • Taste the different flavors before deciding what to smoke.
    • Easy to travel with and leave behind.
  • Beautiful Bud Metal Rolling Tray - 7 inches x 5 inches
    • Lightweight and easy to clean.
    • Never use a table or magazine ever again.
    • Easy to pack for a trip


(No reviews yet) Write a Review