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Happy Holidaze from Atomic Blaze!

We built this bundle as a giant thank you when we launched and as a THANK YOU to all of the smokers who came to our little startup business to support our grind, hustle and commitment to breaking barriers and disrupting a greedy industry.

Why this deal makes sense:

You get six high-quality products for a low price. In this Atomic Blaze promo bundle, you’ll discover five must-have chillums as well as a decorative metal tray, perfect for helping you roll hemp wraps or papers.

Not only that, but it’s also ideal for storing extra papers, your grinder, a lighter, and other smoking accessories you need during your sessions. With the special, you can choose to share your chillums with friends, or even just as backups for when one gets lost or chipped.

After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to glass pipes

What Makes This Launch Bundle Unique

Chillums are great for a relaxing, uncomplicated smoking experience. Its size makes it convenient and accessible, while still providing free-flowing, smooth hits. These glass blown chillums are stain-resistant and durable, giving you significant peace of mind.

Unlike hand pipes, these one-hitters are lighter to carry and easier to use while consuming less of your tobacco.

These simplistic pipes are composed of a shallow glass bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. There’s no carb for you to use and no water for you to bubble-- easy! Most one-hitters are also clear-colored, so as you inhale, you'll see the chillum chamber begin to fill with milky white smoke. 

Let’s not forget about the versatile small metal rolling tray that comes included in this bundle. Atomic Blaze smoke shop understands how much a sturdy, customized tray is a perfect addition to your smoking accessories, especially when you have multiple pieces, or you need a place to set your tobacco product while getting ready for your smoke session.

With the combination of our premium one-hitters and our dynamic rolling trays, you’ll have absolutely everything you need to make your experiences as enjoyable as possible. Once you’re finished smoking, simply place your brand new chillums on your tray and let your mind and body fade into relaxation.


  • Includes: Five, high-quality options
  • 1 Durable metal rolling tray
  • Ready-to-use
  • Compact and portable
  • All pieces are lightweight and easy to handle

What's Included

  • 5 Pack - Atomic Blaze Borosilicate Glass Chillums
    • Discreet one-hitter that's easy to clean.
    • Social Distance with a couple extra for friends
    • Easy to travel with and leave behind.
  • Beautiful Bud Metal Rolling Tray - 7 inches x 5 inches
    • Lightweight and easy to clean.
    • Never use a table or magazine ever again.
    • Easy to pack for a trip

How to Use

Step 1: Get the Rolling Tray

Get your rolling tray into position to temporarily store your ground up leaves and one hitter.

Step 2: Start Packing

While holding your pipe over the tray to catch any dry product that falls free, add your smoke product to the small bowl end of the glass pipe. Pack it firmly, but not so tight that air can't get through.

Step 3: Clean Up the Tray and Start Smoking

When you are finished packing your pipe, set it on the tray and put away any excess dry product. If you start smoking before you get done cleaning up, you'll never get around to it.