About Us

Learn about Atomic Blaze smoke shop and their founders Brian Wroblewski and Heather Wroblewski 

We Are The Best Online Smoke Shop.

Who gave us the prestigious award of Best Online Smokeshop?

Not. A. Soul.

In fact, if it were up to a coalition of head shop owners, they would probably want to serve our heads on a platter for exposing their greed, lies and selfish motives.

The smoke shop industry is run by so-called advocates of the movement, that have been profiting unfairly and you have paid the (expensive) price.

Why is Atomic Blaze the Best?

Let's be honest with each other. Price matters and every penny, nickel and dime matter, especially today.

Think about your experience at a smoke shop:

Smoke Shop
❌ Makes you feel like you are doing illegal.   ✅ You are not doing anything illegal or wrong.
❌ Fear of seeing someone when you walk out of the store.        ✅ Online is totally private. Our shipping is fast and discreet.
❌ You paid too much for something you didn't love anyway. ✅ Never overpay for smoke shop supplies ever again.


You have been there before and you know it.

Some of us out there really enjoy going to the smoke shop and talking to other like-minded individuals who are supporters of the legal industry, but we still get sticker shock knowing that there is a good chance your expensive glass bong is going to break.

Our Mantra

Every company has words to live by.

This is why we are here.

This is why we do what we do.

When we say it, we f'ing mean it.


Never overpay for your smoke shop supplies ever again.


Our Founders

Atomic Blaze has been selling glass pipes, glass bongs and other smoking accessories online since 2017.

We have definitely seen our fair share of challenges with everything from being able to get a bank account to dealing with unprofessional glass blowers trying to derail our vision and progress.

Maybe the bully tactics and old school mentality towards glass pipes and smoking works to shutter 99% of the people out there, but they f'ed up when they decided to underestimate our grit, drive and HUSTLE. 

About Heather

Learn about Atomic Blaze smoke shop founder Heather Wroblewski, who manages smoke shop shipping and logistics

Quick Facts about Heather:

  • Born and bred in Massachusetts
  • Lived in Boston and worked as a drink slinger at a Red Sox bar.
  • Moved to Miami because bartenders made more money in South Beach, especially at The Clevelander.
  • Miami was super fun for Heather. So much fun.
  • Heather moved to Vegas to sober up because Miami Beach was too much fun.
  • Worked at the World's Largest Gentleman's Club for 10 years.


Yes, Heather has seen more stripper booty than all of you, your friends and their friends combined. Period.

What you should know about Heather is that she has seen it all. When you work in vice industries, you tend to hear all the excuses, lies, scams and BS that people will say and do in order to try and get something for free.

How does Heather's previous work experience translate to your experience on AtomicBlaze.com?

  • Heather's customer service is impeccable.
  • Heather keeps very detailed records on your order, in case you have a question or concern.
  • Heather is an incredibly nice person, dedicated to ensuring you are happy with your purchase.
  • She knows when you are full of sh*t, so don't try her.

Got a business or personal question for Heather? Feel free to email her here.

About Brian

Meet Brian Wroblewski, owner and founder of Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop in Sarasota, FL

Quick Facts about Brian:

  • Born and raised in Hartford, CT
  • Moved to Florida to GTFO out of Connecticut
  • Helped build a retail smoke shop chain in Orlando, FL
  • Smoked in 15 different countries (and counting)
  • Lived in Vegas off and on for 8 years
  • Late 90's NYC Hip Hop Aficionado.
  • Daily smoker and ingester.

Brian knows his stuff about the industry, because he has been working in and out of it for 12 years. From running retail stores, to a wholesale business, to helping land the world's biggest dispensary as a client, Brian has a keen understanding of who is buying this products and what needs to be done.

With a strong desire for disrupting the smoke shop industry, based on personal experiences, you can guarantee that not only will you be getting a great deal on glass, but it's going to be good glass.

Brian is in charge of sourcing, wholesale partnerships, marketing and overall sniffing out the con-artists, crooks and thieves of the smoking accessory world.

Got something to bring up to Brian? Feel to reach out to him via email here: Brian @ Atomic Blaze.