5 Tips to Be a More Productive Smoker

Posted by Sarah Fish on Mar 15th 2021

5 Tips to Be a More Productive Smoker

Take care of that to-do list with these tips on how to increase your productivity and finally get things done.

Smoking really, really helps make each day more enjoyable, but the stigma around smoking is that you are a lazy, unproductive, stoner. Change the game with these 5 tips to break the stigma that smoker's just want to sit around on the couch all day.

If you’re looking to be more productive and get things done even after smoking, try these 5 little tips that are sure to add some pep to your step and make productivity a priority.

Tip 1: Just Do It

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Nike was really on to something when they coined the phrase “Just Do It” as part of their marketing slogan decades ago. Getting started is literally the hardest part of doing pretty much anything. So just do it, rather than make excuses or procrastinate. 

Once you’re started it is a lot easier to keep going. And the feeling of accomplishment is also a reward all its own.

Take the last puffs off your cheap smoking pipes and just get to work. No matter what it is you’re trying to accomplish, taking the first step launches you into action and from there you just have to ride the building momentum. 

Of course that’s always easier said than done. Need a little inspiration?

  • Put on the theme to Rocky. 
  • Jog around your house. 
  • Primal scream into a pillow. 
  • Pack a huge glass bong

Whatever it is that helps get you off the couch and into your ‘zone;’ do what you need to do to get your blood pumping and jump into your to-do list like the champion you are.

Tip 2: Take Breaks

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But don’t go crazy! You don’t want to burn yourself out. Make sure to take breaks when you need them. That might be when you feel bored with a task or tired and need to give your eyes a break from the computer screen. 

But it could also be when you are hours into a project and you’ve forgotten to eat. That’s when you need to take a break.

It might seem like a good idea to just plow through what you need to do, but taking a break, especially getting something to eat when you need it, will help you do better, whatever it is you’re doing. 

You’ll stay more mentally sharp and focused with the right nutrition and proper amount of rest. In turn, you will be more productive.

One way to stay focused at the task at hand but also helps to pace yourself is puffing off a one-hitter or chillum while you work. This way you don’t have to stop to roll a joint or take lengthy smoke breaks. You can buy a chillum online pretty cheap and keep it in your pocket for whenever you may need to use it.

Read our guide on how to clean a chillum or one-hitter pipe to keep it fresh. 

This way when it gets clogged you’ll know exactly how to take care of it. The best way to clean a one hitter is to do it frequently so resin doesn’t build up too much, and use some rubbing alcohol and salt.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Technology

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Technology has come a long way these days and using it to your advantage can help make you more productive. There are plenty of apps that are geared towards productivity. Whether it is keeping track of projects or clients, using helpful apps to manage your workflow can make it seem less daunting.

Don’t forget about the plethora of delivery options at your fingertips, too. 

There’s absolutely no reason to leave the house anymore. Why go to the head shop down the road and compromise your precious time (and health) to shop for a piece when you can shop an online smokeshop and find exactly what you were looking for AND have it delivered. 

Then you can get done what you need to do while you wait for your package to arrive.

If you’re planning on working while smoking, have you considered the technology of silicone pipes? They're superbly durable to other pipes and are perfect for those who are trying to get things done and smoke at the same time. 

They might look a little tricky to clean, but it’s really rather simple because of flexible silicone material.

Tip 4. Reward Yourself

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Now that you’ve finally gotten something done, don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. Get yourself a treat, like a glass filter tip for joints or a nice new bubbler. They're great because they help catch resin before it gets to your lips and it also helps prevent little bits of plant matter from being sucking into your lungs when your toking.

They take a little getting used to but every smoker I know loves new smoking gadgets like these. If you’re unsure how to use one, take a look at this guide on how to roll a joint with a glass tip. While you’re at it, watch this video on how to use a glass bubbler while you smoke your fancy joint.

Tip 5: Find Inspiration

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Maybe you need to find inspiration to tackle that big task. 

Go for a walk. 

Take in the beauty of nature.

Visit an online art museum or listen to some new music to get you motivated. 

Feeling in a funk can be a result of too much routine and you need to mix it up a little with new experiences.

If you’re still not ready to take the plunge and be productive, bide a little more time by shopping for smoking accessories from the best online smoke shop. That’s what we do!

Still not convinced?

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