Can I Put Ice Cubes in My Glass Bong?

Aug 3rd 2021

Can I Put Ice Cubes in My Glass Bong?

Can I Put Ice Cubes in My Glass Bong?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives suggestions for using ice in your bong

Got ice? What you can put in your bong to make your smoke sesh more enjoyable is probably already in your kitchen.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests you put ice in your bong to make your smoke sesh more enjoyable

Taking bong rips can be harsh on your throat and lungs. But, there are ways to make it easier to take massive tokes off your bubbler without coughing until you cry. Just chill. Literally. Ice is where it’s at when it comes to filling your bong.

Ice Bong, Baby

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has bongs with ice catchers

All those times you put an empty ice tray into the freezer after using the last cube are about to come back and haunt you. What is an ice bong? No, it is not a bong made out of ice, but that would be pretty cool.

An ice bong is basically your quality glass bubbler with a few ice cubes tossed into the chamber. It’s that simple. If you have a plastic bong, that will work, too. So will silicone. But the glass bongs make nice sounds when the ice dances around as you hit it and get that good bubbler action going.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Ice Bong?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop has all sizes of bongs that are perfect to add ice

Besides keeping each hit cold as ice and easier on your throat and lungs, there are a couple key benefits to using ice cubes in your bong.

●Ice Keeps Your Bong Cleaner

●Ice Bongs Won’t Make You Cough as Much

●Ice Bongs Work Like a Regular Bong

●Easy to Use and Clean an Ice Bong

Cold water and ice in your bong really does help keep your bubbler cleaner. Warm water makes it easier for oils to and particles break down. That all ends up sticking to the sides of your water pipe making cleaning a bong difficult. Cold water and ice cubes help filter these particles out and keep the inside of your bubbler cleaner.

The colder temperature of the ice water in your bong makes it so you won’t cough as much either. With less irritation in your throat and lungs, you’ll be able to take much larger tokes than before. And since ice bongs work like a regular bong, you don’t need anything special to use one except a tray of ice.

How Do You Use an Ice Bong?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives you tips for how to use an ice bong

How to Use an Ice Bong is really pretty simple. The only difference between an ice bong and a regular bong is the ice in the chamber. If you ever used a regular bong, you can smoke from an ice bong.

Step One:

Take your bubbler and add a few ice cubes to fill the chamber of the bong. Don’t overfill it or pack it too tightly. Just enough for it to loosely fill the chamber and allow for melting.

Step Two:

Now add cold water, enough to cover the end of the stem that sticks into the chamber but not so full that it fills the chamber entirely. Too much water and it will back up into the mouthpiece and nasty bong water will touch your lips. Which is super gross.

Step Three:

Break up your product of choice over your rolling tray and pack the bowl of your Ice Bong as you normally would.

Step Four:

Grab your lighter and hit that bad boy!

Be careful if this is your first time using an ice bong. The cold water will make it harder to tell how much smoke you are inhaling, so you get really big hits with an ice bong.

Where Do You Get an Ice Bong?

Get your ice bong or ice catcher bong at Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop

No matter where you get your ice bong the biggest thing to keep in mind is to get a bong that has a mouthpiece and chamber large enough to accommodate a few ice cubes. You’ll probably want to pick something with a chamber at least three inches in diameter, but a bigger bong is better for this kind of thing.

You can use a regular bong or bubbler to make an ice bong, but some cool bubblers come with an ice catcher attached which is intended for just this purpose. A bong with ice catcher attachment makes the whole Ice Bong concept even easier.

If you want to treat yourself to a nice new bubbler then check out online smoke shops like Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop so you don’t have to bother with beating traffic to get to a headshop. Online smoke shops sell everything a regular smoke shop has and they ship fast and discreetly.

You can get a small bong with a big chamber online or you can get a towering giant bong to impress all your friends. Just remember to refill the ice tray before you put it back in the freezer or you’ll be disappointed the next time you want to take bigger, colder rips off your favorite bong.