How to be a Decent Human

Posted by Emma Way on May 26th 2021

How to be a Decent Human

Being a decent human being is important, yet not everyone has been successful in achieving this goal. More often than not, many want to become decent human beings, but only very few of them know how to start and have the motivation to reach that goal.

If you want to attain this but are currently stuck somewhere in the process, this article could be a great guide. We’ll help you become a decent human being by presenting steps to jumpstart the process, so you can be successful in your efforts.

Emotional Awareness

In a nutshell, emotional awareness is defined as the ability to recognize and make sense of your own emotions and the people around you. Emotional awareness plays a vital role in the emotional intelligence of EI because it helps you understand emotions, making it easier for you to regulate yours and cheer up others the moment you notice that they feel low.

Being emotionally aware also enables you to communicate your emotional states to others and move through difficulties faster, as you can use your emotions as navigating tools.

Emotional awareness is crucial in your journey of becoming a decent human being. When you understand your emotions and learn how to control them, you can easily express how you feel and understand what other people feel, as well. This allows you to communicate more effectively and create stronger relationships in your personal and professional life.

There are many ways to improve your emotional awareness, and utilizing your active listening skills is a great start. Listening for clarity instead of just waiting for your turn to speak during conversations will help you prevent conflict and show respect to the person you’re talking with.

Maximizing your leadership skills, showing empathy to others, and maintaining a positive attitude are also effective tactics to improve your emotional awareness.

Inner Voice

Also called an “internal monologue”, your inner voice provides a running verbal monologue of your thoughts when you’re conscious. Your inner voice is linked to your sense of self and is vital in planning, problem-solving, critical thinking, self-reflection, and emotions.

  1. Your inner voice influences your ability to become a decent human being because it’s usually an internal enemy that can adversely affect your confidence, relationships, and performance at work. For example, if you just started a business and your inner voice tells you, “Selling trip blown glass pipes will never bring any profits,” or “You can never create saleable glow in dark pipes”, more often than not, you’ll remain unsuccessful with your efforts because your mind is already telling you that you can’t achieve any of your goals.

For you to conquer your critical inner voice and use this as a tool to motivate you, you should exert effort to identify what your inner voice is telling you and how you can stop it from ruining your life. You can do this by paying attention whenever you suddenly become upset or slip into a bad mood as these negative shifts trigger your inner voice.

Once you’ve identified how your thought process works, take control of your inner voice by deciding not to listen. Instead, take actions that are in your best interest and don’t let negativities from your inner voice stop you.

Social Engagement

As the name suggests, social engagement is about your degree of participation in your community or society. Social engagement is important in your attempts to become a decent human being because the more you interact with the people around you, the healthier your mental health becomes. Being social makes it easier for you to cope with stress and major life changes, such as moving to a new city, divorce, or job losses.

Engaging with the people in your community or society also enables you to create relationships. The quality and quantity of relationships that you have in your life play a role in your ability to become decent, as these can increase your emotional well-being and create stability. Relationships can also become your ticket to learn how to become a good friend to others and have someone whom you can trust, especially during hard times.

Your journey of becoming a decent human being is more feasible when you learn how to engage with other people. Regardless of if you’re an introvert or just naturally shy, you can improve your social engagement by finding a hobby that’s social and offering compliments. Starting up a conversation, getting involved in activities around your community, and signing up for a class can also help.


Changing anything about ourselves requires time and effort, which is why we should never rush the process. If we’re truly determined to better ourselves, we should remain patient and motivated in achieving our goals of being decent human beings.

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