How to Clean a Triple Blown Glass Pipe

Dec 28th 2021

How to Clean a Triple Blown Glass Pipe

You’ve let your glass piece get ridiculously dirty and need to clean a triple blown glass pipe before packing your next bowl. Don’t put it off any longer. Get it done quickly and easily today.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggestions for how to Clean a Triple Blown Glass Pipe

There’s a special feeling you get when you bring home a spankin’ new triple blown glass pipe that hasn’t even been christened yet. The way it shines, the way the fluffy little ground hemp flower slides without resistance into the bowl, and the smooth, clean hits with no resin to alter the authentic taste of high quality green goods.

You can get good-as-new bowl hits every time you smoke from a cool glass pipe by keeping it clean between uses. It is quick and easy so don’t let couchlock keep you from cleaning that bowl you spent hard earned bucks on.

Why Does Cleaning a Bowl Matter?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop explains why cleaning your bowl matters

There are more reasons to clean a pipe than just to avoid judgment from your friends or buying a new one out of laziness. This short list should be motivation to make that bowl look new again.


That beautiful glass pipe you bought from the head shop was a little work of art when you first got it. The colorful blown glass that once had depth and design is now dark and dirty and resembles nothing of the bowl you once owned. If that doesn’t make you a little sad, that’s okay. It’s still a good reason to clean your glass pipe.


When resin builds up inside your glass piece it will alter the way the smoke tastes as it travels through the pipe and into your lungs. Old, stale resin starts to develop a funk to it and not like Kool and the Gang.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests that cleaning your triple blown glass pipe will keep your hits tasting clean

Resin can also build up so much that it could begin to drip from the pip’s mouthpiece and get on your lips. Ew. Beyond being gross it can also be difficult to smoke from a bowl that’s caked with resin. It reduces the airflow so you don’t get a good hit and ultimately waste your precious product. The buildup also makes the inside of your bowl smaller, so the smoke doesn’t get a chance to cool as it should before you inhale it.


Get rid of resin build up in a bowl for your health, too. As the plant material you’re smoking combusts, the resin that’s left contains traces of carcinogens, which can cause cancers. Removing the sticky resin built up and ash on the inside of your bowl means a healthier hit. You can even buy ash catchers to make it easier to prevent ashes from getting inside your bowl or bong.


You might not even think about it but repeated pulls off a pipe will leave germs not just on the mouthpiece and but germs will travel through the pipe and stick to the insides. Bacteria can build up along with resin in and on the bowl leading to potential illness.

Especially if you share your pipes with others, even people you know well, there’s a chance of transmitting illness and disease by using dirty pipes.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop gives tips on how to clean your glass pipe

If you own one, you should know How to Clean a Glass Pipe. It’s what responsible glass pipe owners do and if you consider yourself a cannaisseur this should be something that comes up on your weekly list of things to get done. If you are not in the habit of cleaning your pipes, here’s what you’ll need to get you going and the steps to get it done.

Step One: Get Everything You Need to Clean a Glass Pipe

Get all your supplies in one spot. Over the sink or in your kitchen is a good place to do this in case you spill something or get resin everywhere. You’ll need:

●Rubbing Alcohol or Vinegar

●Coarse Salt

●Q-Tips or Pipe Cleaners

●Paper Towels (for messes)

Step Two: Submerge and Soak

Completely submerge your triple blown glass pipe under rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, whichever you prefer the smell of. Let the bowl soak until you remember that you put it in there or until after you’ve left it to go and smoke a pre-roll.

Step Three: Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Well, not exactly but you get the point- you’ll shake up your pipe in this step. Remove it from the alcohol or vinegar and pour your salt into the chamber part of your bowl and fill it again with alcohol or vinegar. Then cover all the openings and vigorously shake it to loosen built up resins.

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop suggests shaking your glass pipe in alcohol and salt

If your bowl is not that bad, it should not take long to get it looking new again. If it is embarrassing, then you may have to repeat this process a few times

Step Four: Just the Tip

Now that the loose resin is out of the way, it’s time to get the hard to reach spots. Use a Q-Tip or pipe cleaner to stick into your bowl and maneuver around until you’ve gotten the last bits of resin from your bowl.

Step Five: Rinse and Relax

By this time your bowl should be looking pretty good. Good enough to smoke from! Now you only need to rinse that puppy out. Dry it off with paper towels or let it air dry, and let ‘er rip!

Can You Buy 420 Cleaners?

Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop offers tips on 420 glass pipe cleaning solution

If you have no rubbing alcohol or vinegar, you can also buy 420 cleaners from your smoke shop or an online head shop. These solutions are designed to clean your bong or glass pipe without having to deal with bad smells and nastiness.

But cleaning your triple blown glass pipe is not hard and does not take that long if you stay on top of it. Try to do it at least once a week. Or you can buy a back-up pipe to use when your other one is soaking. Happy smoking! Get new glass pipes at Atomic Blaze Online Smoke Shop